Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nile cruise

Carrying on with why the Nile is polluted.
On the riverside berth of the Famous ss Sudan (karnak)
. the kind chef and his crew feed unwanted bread  for the birds and delight in watching the rats scurry off with a chunk of bread  down a hole to feed its young,    who one day may get to have a trip down the Nile on board this expensive vessel,  and of course even though they live here in Luxor they will not have to book  on line  the normal practice for us humans if we need a trip.   and a rather  expensive way to get the shits.


  advert from the site.  

                          The Eternal River

As the Nile flows from South to North, your cruise will leave from Aswan and end in Luxor. In this four-day journey, you won't miss any of the impressive sites outlining the river flow. This cruise is equally an occasion to discover the riverbanks of the Nile River

and  should read ,     for   1.028 euro you can get to see the Nile   with its rats and pollution.  who knows you may get to feed  one or two  in the onboard restaurant, life is full of surprises even for the rich and famous  as this boat is,   this is the SS Karnak  featured in Agatha Christie's  Death on the Nile. 

even the black headed gull is fed from the steam ship Sudan.  but of course its not a steam ship its run by diesel power  so it can belch out more  pollution into the Nile. 
looking from the promenade down to the Nile   I can see  they have a way to catch the bottles etc. with the diesel oil line   or is it the sewage waste pipe?  who knows  who bloody cares?

You can see my photos of the Nile  on without getting a delhi belly.


Daniel Lynx Bernard said...

I have just witnessed the diesel smear across the sky at Luxor and I'm sickened and outraged. Sorry to say I witnessed from on board a cruise boat but I will try to make up for my contribution to this despoilation. A tour guide at Kom Ombo said the crowding of cruise boats has coincided with a surge of respiratory problems in that little town. This is an environmental crime in progress. Let's do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ashraf in Kom Ombo said that kollina fil kom ombo 3ndina hasasseya, and I believe him, the place was awash in diesel smoke from all those boats.

I think Aswan was better, at least the boats parked out of town. But it's still not a solution. There needs to be a massive switchover to eco-vacations (or no Egypt tourism at all) before the poor Nile is one big ugly toilet.