Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just for a beer

This day I had to get off the microbus near the train station because the buses had been diverted away from the temple area this day they are taking more buildings down for the new Avenue of the sphinx. I was on my way to pick up the smoked ham I had ordered 4 weeks ago.
100 meters from the Temple I saw Sheep waiting for the chop. They had made a makeshift pen
on the side of the road later they will be slaughtered most of the Egyptian went to see the slaughter to make sure the meat they buy is halal. Blessed and its throat slit. personaly I think its barbaric. but at least here in Luxor they will not use the head as a football and kick it around the streets . I witnessed this act in Am-Man Jordan,

The spice shop not sure what a drugest store is but anything goes in Egypt
Another first for me I have never seen a donkey with blinkers on.

It seems the charity shop syndrome is on, the girls all look like they have put all the clothes that they bought on at one time. not allowed to take facial photos of the unmarried in fact none of the girls. in case, I was told someone might make fun of them IE putting a head on a donkey.
someone did with the first lady Mrs Suzane Mubarek." ooh dear" If you followers have noticed I have had to take all the female photos off my blogs . strange customs here, oh mr Tony please take my photo. I need money. If I pay for a photo I should be able to do what I like with it even if I put it on the back end of a water Buffalo cow with its tail fly swatting. Now if they ask For A photo I ask for money. nothing for free anymore. must join the way of the Arabs, be hard you want something you pay for it first,

On arrival at my destination these two lady tourists came in with me to the garden restaurant, the Tout knows me or rather has seen me around before. on seeing me sit on my own he Immediately went and and introduced himself to the women . .
Good afternoon ladies I see you are sisters. ( Mother and daughter) so I do not know which one he was insulting? not that he saw it that way because he was addressing the older of the two ,
his aim is to be asked to sit with them. and become their tour Guide, how long you here for. the mother put her hand up and spoke in German to the tout, he said in German he was not good in German. I laughed aloud and thought hes not a good Egyptian Either, then HE turned his attention on the daughter. I only speak English, I speak English also, she said. then she shooed him away like you would a dog. rightly so too .
He then went to sit with his water ( Nile water its free) made out he called someone on his phone, and said sorry I have to Go. now whoever was on the other end of the phone must have been psychic all he did was put press the phone and immediately started to speak . aiwa ashufuk badain, yes I will see you in a minute, no the scam with the touts in the restaurants is this. he sat with whoever in this case 2 ladies, before the waiter arrives . if he gets a little bit of encouragement like, oh yes we need to go and see so and so. he will give the impression He is a fully qualified guide. and converse with the people when the waiter comes he will order beer Saqqara its dearer than Stella beer. he will also order a meal the most expensive, if the people ate eating, half way through the meal he will order another beer. making sure he finishes his meal and beer first then say excuse me I need to go to the toilet. thats the last the tourist will see of him and they are left with the bill. the waiter in most cases are in on this scam . the tout will then come back later or when its safe to do so and claim his 30% commission , so not only does he get a meal and refreshment. he also gets a cut on the total bill of the unsuspecting Guests.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Valley of the Kings by Donkey

The path from The village of the workers to The valley of the Kings.
The first photo was taken 11/08 Most of these houses known as the tomb robbers have been demolished see updated photos of this area on

Looking down on Hatshepsut temple

Way above the valley of the kings looking down at the tomb entrances.

far away from the hoards of tourists,

Looking down to the entrance of The tomb of Tutankhamun in the v.o.k

A camel train heading for the monastery

The Colossus of Memnon across an inundated field
Myegypt site has photos of Memnon and the Rammasseum

Breakfast after the donkey trek

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bible reading

My daily prayer is followed by a reading from .
Sometimes its in the morning but mostly in the evenings .
A good time to pray for me is on my walks, all alone,
with nature and my God. I cannot say alone I am never alone in this world, I look at Life and I know my God is all around me even in the air I breathe. some of the locals only see me a crazy guy with a camera. others think I am a walking ATM . thank you lord for the simple minded that will never see you. please forgive them, as my lord said: they know not what they do:

West bank Luxor , walkabout

First I called in the market before I headed for the ferry and the West bank of Luxor.

I only had my pocket camera as I had no intention of taking photos of the family I was about to visit.

Not like me just to take a photo with no wildlife in.
I just saw the skies reflection like a mirror in the Canal.

Felucca's on the Nile

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Donkeys and Temples

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Four legged friends. all in a days work

The first photo is of the farmer with a sack of fertilizer for the cabbage crop
and then all loaded with cabbage for the market.

House to house delivery of veg.

this poor little donkey has the task of oil delivery to the hotels.
the tank holds about 500 gallons of fuel.

Distribution of flour most of the locals make their bread

maze crop for fodder
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One of the carriage horses notice the hair cut they even do this cutting on the donkeys.

Waiting for the farmer to cut some fodder before taking it home'
The cattle egret is never far away from the animals.

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