Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Duck for Dinner

Yesterday I had a duck nothing special just a duck;  I cooked it in the oven  and glazed it with honey,   did not fancy  anything with it,   I mean cooking.  so I just prepared a salad,   tomato cucumber and finely chopped onion, And ate it as I cleaned the kitchen. and I mean cleaned the kitchen  everything off the shelves and in the cupboards  had a clean  . what they might call a thorough going over.  I went to bed at 2.30 this morning  and woke up at 10.30.  went to make a cup of tea  in my clean kitchen. and  the whole kitchen had a layer of dust.   silly ole me forgot to close the windows after the cooking of the duck.
   where did all this dust come from?  there was no wind for me to know of!   then I started todays blog on yesterdays pictures.  and decided I need to go out see if I can get some pics of the cats that are in abundance here especially around the meat stalls. just pop out I thought,   3 meat shops nearby; and back in a jiffy to finish the blog.
sods law:  did I see a cat,  well yes!  just as I was in the last street heading back home after travelling all the way around the old market street.    The just going out to get a photo of a cat turned out to be a 3 mile trek around Luxor's old market area, and suprise suprise lots of  picks of everything but a cat.

My honey glazed duck turned out a treat  and the salad was kept back for today.  so I can say I had a duck for dinner, a duck and nothing but a duck.
Latest  News at 17.34,
While in the kitchen making yet another cup of tea. I had a nibble at one of the duck leg bones,   now I know this is naughty of me:  but I put the bone on the kitchen floor;  its a great way to attract the ants these usually come in droves to clean the bone. and I can spray them with Dom, (fly spray)  and If they did come I could have got A macro picture to show you before spraying, . but  as I went in the fridge to get the milk for my newly brewed tea. a mouse scurried by and ran off with the bone and dissapeared under the cooker:     now I do not mind sharing my home with bugs flies or even the odd geco,  but a mouse,  NO:  there are limits, will end up with hundreds of them,    so now once this blog is finished I need to go mouse hunting, and if I do not catch it I will need to go and get a trap for a  live catch.

Early morning the farmers bring the fresh greens mostly for the tourist cruise boats docked along the promenade
watching with great interest  at the man taking photos of the early bird was this cat not a ferrel  most likely a cat thats pushed out of ones  home at night,  and this or she was the reason to go get some cat photos.
and  all the meat about;  this is the month of Ramadan where everybody wants meat with the breakfast.19.30
on the corner of the  street next to the flat  I saw this scraggy hen having a good scratch for bugs, 
No more comments as I walk about the town looking for a cat  all these next shots are taken up the what is the new old market are. it seems the whole market is having a facelift.  and  maybe the reason for all the dust that landed in my kitchen.

The weigh scales
Even in the fish outlets there was no cats to bee seen.
there was also quite a big change to the old souk  this was an area where the tourist was taken by horse and carriage to see the interesting part of the local peoples daily market area. and to go up this area would cost no less than 50 egp.
but its all getting a face lift,  the street is becoming a street with shops and paving no one is allowed to hold an open stall off the pavement they have made the pavements so narrow no one  will be able to trade off the pavement, 
almost all the new curbstones are in then it will get a new tarmacadam road surface, and I will have to go back there to get some more photos. the first photo is of one of the side streets  and this is what the main souk street looked like a few days ago, 

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