Monday, February 22, 2010

Life in Luxor

 Today I have randomly taken people photos   most are from my first visit to Egypt 2002.   and built  a story around them with new photos.

Not far from the valley of the Queens this young girl was working with her donkey taking water to the now only tomb robbers houses left in the area,    photo taken 20/2/10

   just around the next corner from here is the place known as the village of the workers there too 4000 years ago water was carted for the village  workers  there is a story on how the traders went on strike to get more money.  this is an areal photo taken of Der-El Medinet  20/2/10

This photo taken near the
The house behind this boy is the residence for the American archeological teams  all the other houses have been taken down,   and to me the tomb robbers houses had more interest as they had been built over 4000 years,    Take it as the first bank robbers but the knowledge had been passed from one generation to another.

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 The Ramesseum   photo taken 20/2/10  from the hot air balloon at  1700 ft

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Photo taken in Daraw 2002

Three generations of farmers  photo taken in Daraw  2002 

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ADRIAN said...

Tony a very nice set, thanks for sharing.

Tabib said...

I like that pic of boy with blue shirt carrying a basket.