Thursday, February 11, 2010

The removal men

For the past 18 days I have been moving bit by bit two case of possessions each time I was feeling up to carrying,   first down from the 4rth floor and then my new place was 4rth floor up stairs, not an easy task for me as each time I took one lot my back would play up the next day but me being,  Is it out of stupidity or stubbornness could not be bothered to ask for help as it meant more hassle as I proved on the final leg of getting the removal guys to move my furniture and the heavy stuff such as the fridge freezer.
 Across the alley of my new flat there is a furniture shop I have bought over the past 4 years quite a few pieces from him, so being mister wise guy I went and asked if he could move my things  and I wanted a complete price,   easy task so you would think! I told him exactly how many pieces and what they were. and where my flat was 2 kilometers away and the delivery was to my new place and pointed up to show him,   Ah!   You my neighbour,   Yes I said enthusiastically thinking this would put a mark down on the price and the job would be done with the minimum of fuss..... He said 250 ... and I said 300  that will take care  of any baksheesh (tips).  and gave him 200 deposit  leaving 100 after the job is finished.  and arrangements were made for 11.00  the next day. time passes very quickly and the next day I was very prompt and met the removal men outside my flat entrance and off we went. up the first alley way heading in the right direction towards the Train station.

Halfway down the alley we made a turn  that led down another alley that led to the main  station road.
50 yards down the main road we turned again into another alley the across another main road. I was quite enjoying this  seeing all the back alleys and its buildings. but why are we going so far out of our route! I asked?    not allowed on the tourist roads Mr Tony !  no point asking too many questions first I had a job for them to understand the first Question..  so I thought,   ah! well they know where they are going they know what they have to do.  or do they!  on the way we passed lots of horses and donkeys pulling carts Etc  so all the four legged beasts of burden must have to stay off the tourist routs wherever possible.

Eventually we came to Awameia  easily recognizable by the pirouette's 

Did not take long before I realized these two guys although quite strong  were going to be asking for some serious bakshesh  First to be taken down from the flat was the fridge I had emptied all its contents to the last removable shelf the day before and I moved it out of the kitchen area  and if not for my back and I already had made arrangements for removal i could have easily moved it myself. but these two strong men came back upstairs for the next lot to be taken down  and  the phew and gasps for air was a strategy I know for more backsheesh,    after I made them a cup of tea the next lot got moved  and the cart was loaded  but only with the big stuff,   bed and wardrobe had been dismantled that morning before I went to the 11.00 meeting place.
 so all they had too do was carry everything down stairs ,  
This photo from yesterdays last load and mare hassle.
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On  the way back they took a much longer route the reason for this was they could say,  Oh Mr Tony long way to Awameia,  and look how hard the horse work  sweat was pouring off the poor animal.  not the easiest of routs for horses  because they have idiot motorbike drivers tarring up these alleyways so  they have put sleeping policemen in the  alley roads everywhere  so the horse has to slow the cart down  with no brakes and then take off again  plus all the potholes in the roads,   no tarmacadam on the alleys  making it harder for the horse to pull.... the cart itself weighed 10 times more than its load. so there was no way I was going to ask these removal men to go back that day for another load. 
Just loved these back roads  will go back on foot once I have recovered from the move and got my flat straight. good job my darling wife is here to help. she left her mum and dad in the careful hands of our son for a month. I think the main intention was to get away from the cold in the uk. she loves moving and doing new places up something we have always done... I used to buy properties  do them up (renovate) and sell
 14 homes in the UK  in total, its our 3rd move in Egypt.

Once we got back to the new flat they had to park two blocks away  no  horses cars anything on four wheels can get into the market area supposed to be pedestrians only  but the odd motorbike sneaks in.
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once all was put in the flat  the hand was out for money. so I had to go the furniture shop and give the guy his 100egp  and told him they had to go back the next day to get the rest.  all of a sudden he has lost his knowledge of English  a common practice here in Egypt especially  amongst the lawyers and shop owners who have complaints on purchases,  so here I was with two rather aggressive removal men  thinking I had only paid 100 for the job and refusing to give them baksheesh. the next day I was walking down the back alleys to take photos of the balconies and old houses when These two removal men pulled my up with feluse mr tony  hard work  and rubbing the forhead  I  started arguing with them when one of the stall holders came along to translate i explained I paid 3 hundred and only half my load was removed. the translator said ,  they say you only paid 100  , thats all they see me pay I said,  and off we trundled back to the furniture shop. where a blazing row took place. and another shop owner intervened saying he kept the 2 hundred for dismantling the furniture and putting it back together.  mish mikela, I said  In your dreams.
 I did all the work. all they do was carry they have no brain for engineer. (building the furniture)
 the furniture guy went in his pocket and gave me the two hundred  back,  I said no you finish the job

I paid extra 50 for no hassle and job complete then all of a sudden its I no understand . bollocks i said and walked away. but I still had another load to move, and thats another hassle story for tommorrow.

Bargains galore in the removal mens shop,  
callashes can park and shit outside my flat
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