Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meeting place

I went off this morning hoping to get some fresh beef. after watching the guy carry the carcass in what must have been the cloth they cleaned the floor with after the cull  and  men waiting for their cut joint,  Meat that is! smoking and talking, spraying saliva all over the meat and generally a meeting place for a good haggle over the price of the meat they want to buy,    I decided to have a coffee in my favorite coffee shop the new hom Kulthum  Named after a famous singer   kulthum   Situated in the center of the tourist market.  and decided to buy my meat from one of the supermarkets. maybe it comes from a worse place than the butchers shop in Luxor.  but who cares, at least it was not from the carcass I saw later floating in the Nile that must have been a stinker
been in the river quite a while by the looks  poor buggers on the Nile cruisers have to have an intake of Nile water . see Nile pollution on my website    home page after the Nagaa Hamady murders.

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Here you can buy Camels  and a bag to put it in maybe all of them,    doesn't he wish 
The farmers friend the stick best known as a stave Ideal for hitting the donkey or could be of use in an argument.  not to be mistaken for the sugar cane leaning against the wall of the next shop. 

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ADRIAN said...

Tony, reminds me of a time in Corsica years ago went to a not dissimilar butchers the meat crawling in blue bottles the butcher seeing i was English frantically started beating the sheep carcass with his cleaver and going shoo! I suspect you are right about the supermarket that's probably what's left after the luxor butcher has finished.

luna said...


You make me want to be a vegetarian.

You right!

Shop in the supermarket. Best not to know where your food last grazed.