Friday, July 30, 2010

The Egret fishing in the Nile

Those of you fishermen can take a leaf out of the egrets wisdom in fishing,  not only will it stand and vibrate its legs to atract the fish but it will use the same bait as man,  Bread,  I stood and watched this Little white egret for 10 minutes before  taking photos  In that space of time it caught 6 fish,  as the bread drifted upriver it brought it back down stream dropping it in the Water  the fish  ate the bread  the egret waited until the right size came along and  it caught it. the photos are not that good as they where taken  on the new marine  too many watching eyes to get the big lens and camera out  so made do with the pocket camera.
The photos are in sequence as they where taken.
Here it has just dropped the bread in the water!

 One fish in its beak.
And then its back to the not so good part of life in Egypt.  the Gas delivery  horse .

the Horse thats tethered to its carriage day and night.
With no respvite from the heat its midday and about 43c today  its driver has gone to sit in the shade to take a well earned break from hassling the tourist.
the rest of todays walk  photos of the wild life  are on the updates on the side bar, dragons  butterflies,birds, bees etc
almost forgot about the dead Camel  well it seemed to be dead  too many people about,,, we need money for photograph!!!! took this shot while pretending to take shots of the dragonfly.
if its dead they will wait for dark then tow it out to the middle of the Nile so the fish can eat it as it floats away to Cairo.

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