Monday, July 5, 2010

تهنئة الى الشيخ أحمد محمد أحمد الطيب Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed al-Tayeb.

 The Mosque and court of the sheihk Tyeb, here I have spent many hours  waiting for the Sheihk to live up to his promise in 2007  of getting me my rights,  money or my home!25/july/2010 I have been given the money.

The life in a village in Egypt is so much different, than what the tourist see. the head of the village and surrounding area  is the brother of the now grand mufti of Egypt and head of Islam  تهنئة الى الشيخ أحمد محمد أحمد الطيب Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed al-Tayeb.
on the Friday it seems they  come from neighbouring villages  here and pay hommage they come by minibuses motorbikes even taxis, durring the hommage  and I think this is why most come they get a free meal the women go to one part of this sprawling compound and feed with the children  the elders  and Guests such as I get to eat with the Sheik,  ( I felt Quite honoured as I was told I am the only one that has eaten here in this new compound, meaning only forreigner)    table is set for about  20 male  eaters and by the looks  some had not eaten since last friday  as the food got gobbled down with great agusto.with a bowl full of local fig fruit for afters   the main male eating area  is to the rear if the building  here the food is served everyday to the poor what one might call a soup kitchen    mats are placed on the floor for the men to sit and eat , just like they would at home. difference being the Sheihk's sons serve the meal.
This photo of the soup kitchen was taken the Thursday the day after the assault on my person and the reason I went to see The Sheihk.
once the food is done with and the sheihk has his siesta  he will then give court. Ie  sits at a table while  all the people who came to pay hommage get to kiss  his hand this is towards the end of the session where the women get to see the Sheik. some asked to be blessed  and the sheihk will lay a hand on  the forehead of the woman,

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Very interesting Tony! I enjoy hearing about the non-tourist side of things!