Thursday, July 22, 2010

doo doo's

The Grand mufti of Egypt  And his brother Sheik Mohamed el Tyeb  fulfiled their promise,  I now have guarantor of my money back, 

and on with the sunny side of Egypt at least we are alive. just about in this heat.
It will be nice and  cool up in the balloon  over Luxor temple. not sure if its a special'   do not often see a ballon this  close to the temple.
lemons  lots of them here  these make an ideal drink mixed with water, coool?
And I have the wildlife no promises   none made none broken.  they are here  no matter what goes on in our lives.
Even from my flat I see the wildlife  sometimes its quite entertaining. as you will see from my other blogs,  on the side bar, 
the following is just a taste of what I see on my walks around Luxor Districts.
Lots of this about as  Luxor has not caught up with the times yet.  Horses and donkeys do most of the  hauling here, and these beasts of burden are noted for one thing.  shit,   the flies love it even live in it and born in it. 

Then they fly off to places like my flat where they can annoy me , but I  have a lecy zapper and some other help to get rid of them,  the greco 
Then we have all the other wild life that live off the flies
 Like this pretty tiny bird the gracefull prinia.
or this the mosque swallow can take a fly in the air at 100 miles an hour.

This bird the cattle Egret is the minder for some of the animals here  wherever there is an animal tethered in the field it will be there cleaning the flies   It can take a fly from the beasts eye without touching the animal.
todays last photo.  shows everything can live together here birds with Cattle etc.  and then along comes man  and spoils it all.   not just for the animals he is supposed to look after  but for himself.  its called greed


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Anonymous said...

How nice to see such various life. Like the last picture very much. Time since last I've seen any green. Please have a nice start into the weekend.

daily athens