Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alexandria 1942, Luxor 2010

1942 photo from Alexandria

Out and about in luxor today I had a reminder of a photograph I have of mums. I had the photo enlarged two years ago and it has pride and place above my computer desk.

This photo was taken by my mother in law while on active duty in Alexandria during WW11.
she was a wireless operator with the wrac,
and 68 years on not much has changed in the fruit and veg business
this photo was taken at 16.30 on 13th September 2010 in the so called modern city of Luxor Egypt.

the same photo in greyscale

Mind  the step  almost tripped over this cows head  just  lying in the street.


Bob Bushell said...

Good pictures until you get too the last, I'd want not stay, yuk.

ADRIAN said...

great photographs, life hasn't moved on very much has it.