Saturday, September 25, 2010

crossing over

Very strange day today up at 4.30, cup of tea   and realized my left foot was sore to stand on.  what with my slipped discs and back probs its als a bit of an effort to look under my foot  but I stood up raised my foot on the bed  to see what the problem was . and sure enough I had picked a splinter up  and it had started to fester. cut it open with the nail scissors  and out came the puss,  bandaged it up after putting some germoline on. drank me tea and off I went, hoping to get to the reed beds of the wetlands before sunup.first greeting was another puss. and its a wonder she does not get some bad cuts from the garbage. but she looked quite healthy and pleased to see someone else up and about, miow.

 first shot of the moon on the Ferry crossing,
then later as the sun was about to come up.  I got a night shot of the harvest moon

was not long before i realized it was going to be cloudy after a month of blue skies the one day I want a blue sky, its cloudy,

.its even to early for the nile flower to open

but its ok it was a treat being out so early we even had dew this morning, the birds had started to land  even though the  sun was not in the right place for decent shots, the phoyos are on  birding in egypt blogspot click here ,

 bird no 75, but need help with its id please,
back to the flat  but first i wanted to see how the new crossing was coming along
went on the footbridge to get a photo. and there was a Coptic funeral. then one thinks how

short life is.


the new coptic church  been in this build stage for the past 2 years,

Give us this day our daily bread.  so we can put it out on the bench in the street.

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