Tuesday, September 21, 2010

railway crossing.

Market day the busiest day of the week. and they close the railway level crossing
the busiest time is between 9 and 11, two hours,
its 10 minutes to nine and the narrow part was left open for bicycles and pedestrians,
just as I was about to cross when they closed the whole entrance,

barrier is built, thats to keep everybody out

the footbridge over the lines is 50yards away, and my usual way to the market area/

these signals always seem to be in the same position,,,
the road bridge is 200 yards away but to far for the cyclists,

work is under way on the crossing, and local people making a lot of noise arguing with the police wondering why they cannot cross to the market area with their goods to sell,

ok chuk not far to go

ducks,geese hens, rabbits and turkeys

dried bread for poultry food for sale

water melons 5 le per kilo one of them is about 10 killo.

little bunny wabits for sale

door to door milk delivery

woman heading off with the sheep to market.
wed  the crossing is still clossed just like england,s fine rail network. there are more chiefs than indians,

and silly buggers that take no notice of danger warnings

view from the new road bridge towards the crossing 


Lorac said...

What an amazing market place! Looks like just about everything there!

Eki said...

The market day is very lively!

Here we only have market days at the villages. They don't do it anymore in big cities. [sigh]

Life in Egypt said...

no super markets here in luxor.
they did make a large market behind the station hoping to take the hawkers off the streets, but it only worked for a few months. most sellers are back on the streets.
as you will see on todays onbloghttp://www.nilelife.blogspot.com/

Marie said...

Does anyone know if there is still a jewelry shop on Sharia Labib Habashy? The shop name is (or was) Chez Ragi. It was opened in the mid 1980's.