Friday, November 13, 2009

A flies existence, not a zipper.
Photo of the dog on the side of the road. 2 weeks before.
The dead dog has been given new life it went down the pipe after flooding the canal for the farmers to inundate the land, and got stuck in one of the split line manholes bloated and acted as a plug stopping the water going any further up the pipe line. so some brave man was ordered to get it out and here it lies a week later being eaten by the bees and the flies. who in turn get eaten with great gusto by the Cattle Egret, the dog is now stinking the nearest I could get was about 40 ft. so I have come to the conclusion that flies bees and the cattle Egret have no tear glands. or just simply have no sense of smell.

Theres one


Can I come to the feast,

You eat the flies I'll have the bees

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Anonymous said...

Too bad my friend...that birds seem have a good appetite..