Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Four legged friends. all in a days work

The first photo is of the farmer with a sack of fertilizer for the cabbage crop
and then all loaded with cabbage for the market.

House to house delivery of veg.

this poor little donkey has the task of oil delivery to the hotels.
the tank holds about 500 gallons of fuel.

Distribution of flour most of the locals make their bread

maze crop for fodder
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One of the carriage horses notice the hair cut they even do this cutting on the donkeys.

Waiting for the farmer to cut some fodder before taking it home'
The cattle egret is never far away from the animals.

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Bob Bushell said...

The poor donkeys.

ADRIAN said...

Tony, amazing they have the strength, they look so emaciated.

Anonymous said...

Amazing...but pitty the donkey..

Dina said...

The little white baby is so sweet.