Monday, November 9, 2009

bad habits

Egypt is full of bad habits call it the culture or whatever you like . It all boils down to high officials being corrupt, what a lovely country I chose to live in its just a shame about the creatures ( cretins) we call human beings,
First I will explain the donkey meat. Put whatever you are eating to one side while you read this on the reality of Egypts over worked and badly treated animal. I sometimes wonder which is the animal us human beings or the animals,
A meat shop in Cairo was found to be selling Donkey meat a practice much frowned upon by the Egyptian,"that have money" He was caught by the vigilance ( nosy parker) of a passer by that saw 3 heads of the poor beast of burden in the butchers back yard. no mistaking the difference there the head of a donkey is much different to other animals, It would also depend on the age of said culled beasts whether any one would notice the difference in taste to beef or mutton as they tend to boil all the goodness out of all the meat. most likely because of the fact that animals are to be slaughtered not wait until the animal dies from being over worked or flogged to death, some are only too pleased to get a cheap supply of meat. no such thing here as a Sunday roast, ( that would be Friday roast this is a Muslim country) will try and get more details on said offence, as it only appeared in the Arabic newspaper, must not frighten the foreigners must we. I have had camel meat and that is very Nice better than beef. but here in Luxor its hard to get hold of. unlike donkey won't say too much on that subject as I may offend the Egyptian population here in Luxor who trust their butcher has cow meat in the freezer. this meat is only used once the hanging corpse has been cut up and sold. and Must please the missus by taking meat home for the next meal. they also put a lot of spices with food maybe its to hide the taste , Personally I do not mind its better than sticking the poor beast of burden in the canal to rot and stink or in the garbage where no one can move, so its left to the flies and the roaming dogs to eat. Luxor its seems takes a while to get the local news from Cairo here is a clip from one of the local news papers.
Anything goes here in Egypt money is the most important thing to these people even before family.
Tomorrows milk taking a walk up the road. do not often see the ladies in such refinery moving the cattle, modernization is coming to Luxor. whoopee!
It came to mind seeing these animals being led. a lot of things are back to front Here in Egypt very much like Alice in wonderland only this is Tony in wonderland and its reality, first the writing and reading is back to front. cows being led and the sheep follow the shepherd, pavements no one can walk on well you can if you are a nimble acrobat with eyes on the ground to see where the next tripping point is, and curbs that you need to carry a stepladder with you to get up or down from.

Moving the sheep . notice first how the sheep follow the shepherd.
then the Egrets are following the sheep.

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An old plough left in the field to rot. now the modern mechanical cow can till the land'

This is the breed that did the work ploughing they would also be blinded so they could turn the waterwheel, ( stop them going giddy). this practice has now been stopped thanks to the mechanical pumps to irrigate the fields,
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Dina said...

This was a tough post for me to read over breakfast. But truth is truth ...

Anonymous said...

We have to accept the reality..but i don't eat don't have donkey meat.

Anonymous said...

Kept me awake at half past three in the morning.
Neither here in Athens donkey meat can be found, at least for me.
A wonderful Wednesday for you.

jeannette stgermain said...

I didn't know about the donkey meat, and neither about camel meat. Was glad I was reading this in between meals! It looks like it will be a long time before the word "animal abuse" will be used in Egypt.