Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Luxor Egypt

Above ; some donkeys have a nice life here especially the farm donkeys.
Unlike the donkeys who lug heavy loads around Luxor. the cart alone weighs
one and a half tons, each cement bag is 1 cwt.

Above Practicing to become a heavy load puller
Bellow practicing to be a felucca captain,

Many times I mention in my blogs about the hassle here.this is one of Sara tours vehicles, with another one of their obnoxious employees making trouble with what he thinks is a tourist,
he followed me for about 3oo yards ; hello my friend did you phone for the taxi:
This is not a taxi neither is it a carriage. a taxi is blue and white. and a carriage has a horse in the front. I said, all knowing as I kept up a good pace to get home.
taxi mr;
why not;
why you no talk with me;
whats the problem with you why you don't need taxi;
In the end it got to verbal abuse, I told him to go away why cant you idiots understand some people have a tongue and can ask for things, they have hands that can flag a taxi if the need arises, you said you are my friend. so why are you hassling your friend.
You stupid f***** tourist.
there was a nice rock sitting on the side of the road. I picked it up and said how you going to explain to your boss Abdul how his window got broke. and if you don't I will,
he got the message that I was not a tourist and I did not want a taxi, by now I was almost home.

These limos are not licensed to pick up like a taxi. and therefore are not insured.
I took the photo to show his boss next time I pass sarah office.

And another plane load of tourists only too pleased to get away from the hassle in Luxor
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