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Wife of : حسني مبارك‎; Mrs Suzane Mubarek سوزان مبارك‎

The loggo of
Is made up from two photos  one of me in the desert  in 2003 with bedhuoin friends
 the background is from a sunrise photo taken from the the roof of myegypt hotel.

The Presidents wife Suzane Mubarek is due to visit Luxor shortly, Last time she came to open the new sunshine home. but forgot to turn up   and what has she to do with the welsh flag I hear you ask?   well she has Welsh blood in her veins. whats the saying . Behind every good man, there is a good woman.  in this case a few weeks behind,   she is coming to open the new hostel in Toud, this the president opened a few weeks ago.

my  Welsh flag logo is made up from a jumble of photos downloaded from various sites
And these little beauties are real   

Two of the dove chicks that fell from a nest during a dust storm in may 2008
They are now making a nest in the kitchen fan square hole  so cannot use the fan my fault I put  one of my old galabiea's  Mens wear   there, the  one I used to feed them in. hope they get the young before this place comes down.
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I saw this herd of wild Camels on the way from the desert oasis of El Kharga to Cairo 2004 
The last photo I took of my garden roses in Wales before I came to Egypt 
2009  this is the home of  Sheikh Dr Sheik Ahmed Tyeb  a ceremony of people from anywhere that could recite the Quran from memory,  one 10 year old could recite half of the quran??

I thought this may be of interest for those of  my  readers  with welsh blood.  posted from good old
Suzanne Mubarak (birth name Suzanne Saleh Sabet or Thabet) (Arabic: سوزان مبارك‎) (born February 28, 1941) is married to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and is the first lady of Egypt. The daughter of an Egyptian doctor and Welsh nurse Lily May Palmer. At Islington, London on 16 March 1934, Saleh Sabet, a 29 year old medical student at Cardiff University, married the 29 year old Lily May Palmer, a trained nurse working at The Infirmary on Camden Road, Islington. The daughter of colliery manager Charles Henry Palmer, Lily May grew up in Pontypridd, Glamorgan in Wales, hence the Welsh connection[citation needed]. Her grandmother is not a relative of Jehan Sadat.
Suzanne Mubarak was born in Al Minya Governorate, located on the Nile River about 150 kilometres to the south of Cairo. She studied at St. Claire Heliopolis in Cairo during high school and moved on to study at the American University in Cairo. She received a Bachelor's degree in Political Science (class of 1977) and a Master's degree in Sociology of Education (1982). For her Master's degree, her topic of study was "Social Action Research in Urban Egypt: A Case of Primary School Upgrading in Boulak." She has two sons and two grandsons.
Mrs. Mubarak serves as a patron of the children's television series, Alam Simsim (Arabic for Sesame's World), Egypt's version of the American series, Sesame Street, to promote its importance in improving children's communication and reading skills.
Mrs. Mubarak is the honorary president of Rotary Clubs of Egypt, and her brother general Munir Thabet is the Rotary International district 2450 governor in 2004-2005. She received the Paul Harris fellowship several times. Her son Gamal Mubarak is also an honorary member of Rotary Clubs. (equivelant of the Masons)
In 1985 she founded the Child Museum of Cairo in collaboration with the British Museum. In 2005, she opened the Hurghada branch of Mubarak's Public Library.

يمكنك أيضا قراءة بلوق
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