Saturday, January 2, 2010

Egypt Life these people have to take it or leave it.

Part four of Village life
Egypt Life these people have to  take it or leave it.Where my flat is situated is in a village called El Gezira  East bank Luxor Egypt two kilometers from here in the city of Luxor Is one of the most visited temples in the world  and then we have Karnak Temple that is the largest temple complex in the world. both where built in the Pharaohs era  and part of these temples date back 4500 years so they believe, this in turn is an excuse to make Luxor the biggest  tourist attraction in Egypt after the Pyramids of Giza. and across the river what is known as the West bank lies the area known as Thebes  better known as the  Valley of the Kings and Queens  in Thebes there are over 100 tombs and temples, and more are discovered almost yearly especially now the Tomb robbers houses have been demolished. and taking all this to mind is the reason why this agricultural land  is being stolen from the people,
more money in tourism than farming  but only for the Government. they do not care what happens to the people who get thrown off this land   . they have built low cost housing for some in the desert land they have made  land available to the tourist that want to invest in Egypt    even the European human rights  have or are getting involved with the abuse of human rights here in Luxor. 

We will give you land to build but you have to finish building on the land  thats given in 2 years  the houses you build when sold  1/3 of the sale money has to be given back to the Council that gave  the land.   all property must be one storey and complete before selling to local people. these people do not want to live away from the Nile and  as one man said  how do we pay for them without our land they do not even give us money for our land.  many greedy foreigners have fallen into this trap. hundreds of unwanted homes for sale.
 some have already been taken back by the council,  finished and let as a low cost housing scheme.

enough of this madness.
now I will just show some of the reasons why I live in this lovely country

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 This was a squatter  from the desert area  problem is He squatted on what is now Mubarak's land/

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ADRIAN said...

Tony, I,ve decided to leave it but admire your one man crusade. All the best it's people like you that change the world.

Patrina said...

Tony, it is madness! You share both the madness and the lovely. I'm glad you've found a balance in the midst of chaos.

Anonymous said...
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