Sunday, January 3, 2010

donkey life

No comment on what I think. Just photos for you to see  a donkeys life in Egypt

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Dina said...

Quite a collection of donkeys.

Sylvia said...

Poor donkeys. That's exploitation!!! :) Thank you for your comment. That is in fact a prison. The door is an access to the catacombs, where they kept the prisoners at the will of the tide (literally). God knows what kind of torture happened there, as if the tide only wasn't quite enough... It's closed to the public.

luna miranda said...

what a hard life donkeys have...i hope they are well taken cared of by their owners.

thanks for visiting and following my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow..i guess the donkeys is the main transport in that place..

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Poor donkeys. I think with the fuel prices, this is what we will be going back to one of these days.