Wednesday, April 14, 2010

luxor street and pavements.

 sunset over Luxor

just below my balcony the furniture painters use what smells like car paint and the smell sticks in the throat,
no health and safety in Egypt,
Not what we expect to see a butcher in the side street just off the main tourist bus route. the fumes and  smoke from the coffee shps bubble pipes must make a nice flavour to the meat.

Chickens for sale
a street vendor selling hens, do they lay eggs,can I cook them, where do I get food for them, I asked.
The new bath is in place all we need now is a footpath to get to it


Jo said...

Hi Tony;) I followed you here from Joan's blog. I was interested when I saw "Nile" next to your name. These are brilliant shots of your city. Are you able to take photos freely? It's a bit of a challenge here in the Sudan (we live in Khartoum as SA expats) so I don't have many personal photos yet.

ADRIAN said...

Tony another grand selection. Google for my maps and Snagit for the screen grabber and editor. If you have trouble I will do a how to on the other blog.