Sunday, April 4, 2010

The walking atm. ha ha.

One of the local pastimes  playing dominoes or backgammon and smoking  a seesha  pipe.when they are not out hassling the tourist.  most of the Luxor people see us foreigners as an atm machine.

One of the noisiest little prats I have come across. lives on the west bank of Luxor,  and is following in her dads footsteps of taking money from the tourist.   Very persistent with her squawking.  1 pound, I need 1 pound. then it changed to 1 euro, 1 euro I need one euro.


The Ram looks like it needs shearing.

Then you have the Camel looking as if to say you believe that you believe anything.  just watch he does not bring the stave out and beats you over the head, like he does with me and my friend the donkey 
Do not believe the Camel. its OK here, they let me wallow in the mud all day as long as I give him a pint of milk, my son has just gone for meat.  that's what I herd anyway. what he wants meat for is beyond me  when we have all this free grass
and loads of polluted water to drink and bathe in,

did you see Gertie silly cow  thinks she can float off to Cairo.

I thought she had dried up,  oh" is that why they put her in the river

I am OK I'm a girl  better here than in the farm yard they make us eat that yuk sugar cane greens, not sure if it will make my milk sweet when I grow up though 

You will not catch me in that mud hole. ooh no"  much too smelly.   live like pigs them water buffalo.
not that I know what a pig looks like  been banned from coming around here.

Go away now  you are scarring my friend  and the flies are coming back. I need her to get rid of them.

Yes sir" its great here as long as the warble flies do not bite us in the rump

Look at that silly girl over there standing like she has something wrong with her legs  just so she does not have to work. 


The camel market in Daraw  these are brought overland from the Sudan.   well beaten  by the looks of the wield marks  on almost every Camel. 

How do you get 5 camels in a one ton pickup.  easy give them hasish.  then they sing!  Were all going on a summer holiday no more beatings for a week or two.  That's no Joke,  that is how they calm the camels for loading into the transport trucks

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