Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The dead centre of Luxor

6.30 on a  Tuesday I try and get up early or rather out early to see if there is anything new on the local market stalls, I mean fruit etc,  I usually set off direct through the back lanes that lead to the railway line that has to be crossed to get to the market area. today I took a detour past the mosque to the rear of my flat.  outside most of the mosque's they have these body carrier's  not coffin but similar. and it made one feel its good to be alive,
Even the tourist market  area was deserted. 

But I knew there was life about when I saw this guy fast asleep on the pavement . I knew he was not dead because of the noise he  made,   His mum must have told him never sleep with your shoes on.  most likely this guy got himself some oozo. and slept where he drank it.  lethal stuff  is oozo, brain killer once hooked  you are an alcoholic,  no such thing here in Egypt I here the people  saying, I have seen more alco's here in Egypt than I ever saw in the uk.  and most are Muslim, just like they say no prostitutes here  no drugs here .
as I came back from my walk around the sugar fields, I was watching a woman blow smoke down the poultry,  I know a thing or two about hashish like its used to keep Camels calm in transit on the back of vehicles, with that in my mind I asked A guy:  why was she putting the birds beak in her mouth?
 no fly away he said , and looked at me as if I was dumb,   so at that I thought this old gall has real bad breath or she is on the ganja, and  i got my pocket camera out to take a photo but the battery was dead, so its another must photo for next week, unless the cops raid the place after seeing this blog. they are having a clampdown on drugs here,  and if its true what the papers say  there will be more cops in Jail than thieves,

Hello and where are you off to to so early in the morning.  as I stopped to take this photo there was two in the window frame. you can just see the paw of the camera shy one.
I just love these old houses and balconies  they all look so sad and unloved, like the people are dead inside of them.
No open front entrance to this one they live around the back,
One on a donkey four on a bike and they wonder why there are so many accidents.
2 on 2 donkeys plus cart plus 2 ton of cement
the kids will be late for school today, they have to help pull the balloon down.
 this blog is carried on 

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