Friday, May 21, 2010

Making 100% orange juice

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This was the sun going down over the Nile on what is now the May chamsin wind, that blows the sand and dust, its  not too bad here in Luxor city, but nothing the other side of the Nile is visible with the dust storm,
 and this is the weather for a drink of real Orange Juice, 
If you want 100% juice you need to make it yourself. 

!8/5/10  I bought what I read as 100%  natural orange juice,
 Drank some last night and again for breakfast juice,
The fruit etc here is plentiful but the oranges have a season and its now the end of that season.
hence buying the juice in a carton,  also I thought no more squeezing oranges to get the juice for a few months makes for an easier life,
Then on my walk about today  I found one market stall that had oranges  whole juicy oranges , so I bought 5 kilo the guy asked 4egp per kilo  and looked at me amazed  when I said,  5 please.  knowing I could get at least the equivalent of 4 cartons for the price of 2, after juicing. He also threw in 4 bananas for not haggling with him,   so here I am in my flat making juice once I  squoze  (juiced) 2 oranges I had a sip of pure nectar.
 and thought that stuff I bought yesterday was not real Juice, so I dug the empty carton out of the rubbish bin and read the side panel.

 And I wondered since when is 50%    100%  natural.   after the acids sucrose natural flavour from 50%orange and the rest of  the rubbish I had bought a carton  40%  of water,
 and there was me itching and thinking I had eaten something from a can that I was alergic to,
I am allergic to preservative additives  in cans  the only tins I use are corned beef.
 And that is one of the problems with us men we do not read things before buying.  all I saw was 100% natural. 
I have been juicing my own  since the 90s when I found out about my allergy . that was brought on by an overdose of yellow fever jabs, given by one of the nurses in the park road surgery in Newtown,
once I found out I was double jabbed  they said its no problem, sorry to tell them it was and still is a problem.
And this is where the lies come in. I can understand the mentality of The Egyptians who Lie as a matter of course,    or rather I do not understand why they lie as a matter of course,   maybe its because they think  telling the truth will bring Islam down,  I am actually listening in the background the channel mbc  action,  because one of my famous and who I consider the best actor is on,   you know the one, dirty harry? but this is Million dollar baby. Clint Eastwood,    and during the adds  we have first time on tv the new series of  Lost.  new series frig,  I have seen it on this telly at least twice. and my tv  is  only 2 years old, 
 back to juice, out of the five killo  I have put 4 whole oranges in the freezer  I love peeling them and have them as a ice lolly,  1.5 litre  of juice 4 ice lollies  and  another cup full  for tomorrows breakfast drink,
 sorry I can not show the bananas they got eaten on the way back. real dawdler me .
 I  know the oranges look off but  they are at their sweetest now,   they even use after they are dry and shriveled as long as the do not go moldy.
 so no more fake orange juice  mango are starting to come into ripeness and so are the Grapes  next month we will have the Pomegranate   both the latter I can juice in my Squeezer, mango  needs to be over ripe for juicing first the skin and stone has to be separated from the flesh then the flesh put in the blender.
 so you see I do not need to buy expensive coloured water,

Do you like the colours of my ice lolly makers  My wife bought them at  Lakeland plastics and if you need to see lakeland products go to
Allan Raynor started  lakeland  plastics his first venture was making seal-able bags for goat milk that came from the small holdings in the area, then made the polystyrene for green houses.the whole venture became a huge success  and the whole thing was moved to the lake district, another venture that started in a garage  workshop  in Wales a village called Aberhafesp, Nr Newtown, Powys,  the family was one of  our near Neighbours when we lived at Gethin farm  Aberhafesp Newtown
20 th May 2010

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