Thursday, May 20, 2010

The roof , restaurant luxor Egypt

After a day of pain and getting very bored at 17.30 I decided enough is enough and took some of my Ibuprofen 400  tablets.  took a shower  got spruced up  got the camera out and went out for a walk hoping there would be a nice sunset while strolling down the promenade, sounds romantic ! strolling down the promenade!  and that's as about romantic as It got, as soon as I got out the front door  the pain had been numbed by the pills. now its time to be careful . had a walk along the new paving by the temple and saw my favorite restaurant  , why not  I thought  no stairs to climb  3 steps and in the elevator to the roof. and that's where I went   first I ordered a nescafe they make the best in Luxor and I treated myself to a water pipe apple flavour,
the view up there is stunning  so I sat near the front rails. to enjoy the view and the sunset  , then the owner came over and said he had not seen me for a long time ( two years in fact) not that I have not been there, I go there almost once a month  especially when  my wife is here.  he thanked me for mentioning his place on my website.

 then asked if !   I put my hand up ,   I told him If  I get paid even in Kind . I have to put what you say on my story,   and I had told him before I do not put stories on my blog   if I get a bad belly from eating here it will be on the blog,  as most Locals he mistook my meaning and ask when you get a bad belly.  you think  i would be here if I had bad food,  after my pipe and coffee i ordered my meal  and as always it was good  and that's why I still say  the roof is one of the best restaurants for local food,  I also noticed they have wi fi.   and are going to put local Fish  on the  menu,  just because I  asked  , any  samak (fish)  today?  as a joke last time I was there. and if they do put fish on the menu I for one will be eating there more regularly,
 as I was leaving  after paying the bill   for one mixed grill with french fries and local salad and veg, 2 nescafe  2 bubble pipes, and a stunning view with no hassle whatsoever,  If I wanted anything I called the waiter over. a rarity in Luxor,   I hate waiters hovering around  taking dishes before I have finished and having to growl like a dog  if you try and take its bone,      the total bill was 68 egp. the owner asked if I would take some photos of the whole 3 floors   the building is called  Snack time and is run be 2 brothers one is snack time quick food similar to big macs,without the macs ,  but much better as they do not copy what you can buy all over the world  snack time have 2 floors  and the roof is just that  a place where one can go  and relax   have a pipe a coffe  or whatever they make nice fresh juices and Ice cream,  the just eating restaurant is on a lower floor,
and that is what he wants me to photo tomorrow, so i will give you the today's view  with more photos in the next 18 hours or so,  first shot from where I was sitting by the glass panel and rail,
The view looking towards my flat marked in white,
The Nile river Looking through the Temple of Luxor 

From  last months blogspot,
 only difference is where the sun is setting,
The view of the Sunset , Nile and Luxor temple from my favorite restaurant   The Roof.  above Snack Time.
the roof is the best place for good "Egyptian food"  IE   mixed grill 55egp  the only part of the meal not cooked on the open grill are the chips (pomfries) , I try and treat myself once a month,  I am not one for eating out as I like to cook my own food, the view and the food is superb, so if you are in Luxor pay it a visit  just have a tea or one of the coffee's they make,  I do not put places to eat usually on my blogs, but the two I have  , I use on a regular basis for the past 3 years, Puddleduck's on Medinet street  being the other,  and always I get good food and no problems after, which cannot be said for most restaurants here in Luxor.

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