Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camels and bubble pipes

The camels one of the more famous of the animals of Egypt is the camel throughout my blogs they have been featured in different poses one being  my logo photo. and the original shot that was taken in 2004 in the desert area of Dhakla oasis.


This was one of the first photos I took  while on my first visit back in 2002.  me on the back of the  grumpiest beast I have had the pleasure of sitting on by the pyramids of Giza.
 One of  my friends   who came with me on my first holiday to Egypt  photo  taken in daraw camel market December the 27th 2002,
camels  loaded and leaving the Market  photo taken 3.3.2002  when I lived in Daraw volunteering on the eye ear and throat Clinic,
This shot was taken on the 1st May 20010
Kittens and camels. as the tourist see.
Camels that have come all the way from China
Even camels with batteries in, the only thing they need now is the camel shit to go with the shit that comes out of the stall holders mouths. this guy was a complete  shit wanted 5 pounds cos I took the photo of his stall,
whasup boy no sale today.

Some of you may want to know about the sisha pipe?   and maybe you do not wish to know,  so look away now.
Colour coded.
 the red marks are places where there should be no air intake up to the mouth piece
 aqua is the level of water the smoke intake is filtered through,
white is smoke intake drawn  in from the tobacco fire bowl
yellow is intake to the mouth piece..
The pipe with the hood is for a windy day,        the stone

 Date flavored tobacco.

the different tobacco flavors  and the chemical charcoal  all on display for the tourist.
The pipe i use is made from camel hide this does not add flavor to the smoke'
 plastic pipe is used for the tourist they came into use when the swine flue broke. they add a bad plastic taste to the smoke. 

these small pipes are useable but the tobacco stone  are useless once the fire heats them up the crack.
look nice for display.
There must be 500 outlets in luxor for a pipe.


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