Sunday, June 20, 2010

Even animals have better conditions

I have put today's blog on the wildlife because its the way I feel. this country has more animals on the streets than in the wild.
The main entrance into Luxor law court has a bucket to catch the water from the air condition.
The green rail is where I sat for two hours watching the animals  while waiting for the Lawyer Mustafa Athea to turn up with an english translator. notice they have x on the windows this is  a precaution to stop the animals going through the glass. its not safety glass just ordinary

These are the first flight of stairs leaving the lawyers offices


The birds have plenty of places to nest  they can just come and go as they please because most of the windows has had the glass taken out after one of the animals has finished damaging it.


This is the  latrine  there is a wc on the next floor but there are no signs and most probably the animals eyes have so much water in them from the smell they  cannot enter the shit house anyway.


This is  the area as entering the main office for documentation  lots of chairs  but like the donkeys the animals are made to stand or sit on the floor.


Those of a little more importance such as the duty officer may have a seat the guy in the galabeia is the judges man he and only he  is allowed to enter the room when called for,  the yes sir no sir man. 


My  Lawyer preparing someones papers before entering one of the main courtrooms.there is  different wildlife in this area  as here you can see some of the animals eat and discard any uneaten food  where the smaller animals  the cockroaches can eat at leasure, 


Five days after the beating my bruises are just about starting to go  so I plucked up the courage to take some photos.  one reason I took the photos myself I am  not used to fuss,  I hate being touched or my body looked at by a male  hence taking the photos of the areas I can see myself  I have 10 bruises on my body  3 0f which are from the fall on the stone steps plus the  head wound that has healed up quite well but left some damage in the head I  have lost all hearing in the right ear  , what little I had has now gone  and all I have is a constant buzzing, 

This is  my arse   not much of a bruise but I am still limping 5 days after.


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