Monday, June 14, 2010

Having a heart attack

Over the past few days I have been sorting out my diary and trying to put it in form that people will be able to read on a blog,  the diary started back in 2002  my first visit to Egypt,  then got took an the form of being written by a mad person  in the middle of a life's crisis, and if not careful will have a heart attack, reading it myself I get  this eerie feeling that its not something that could happen to  what I call myself a worldly guy ,someone who at the age of 67  has been about seen a bit of the world and must have some common sense, it reads like  a wonderland story, I have   gone  into the wardrobe and into another world,  and that is what Egypt is another world  a world of corruption lies and deceit, and it makes me think what the hell am I doing in such a corrupt country with all these thieves and liars, the first blog started OK  made sense, but then I was told by the police to take it down, on the orders of the eminent, minister of antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass, not going to say what I think and know about him, or his orders to the general of security to stop the corruption in my case, on their promise to look into my case I took the blog   known as egyptscams.blogspot down,  when I realized this promise was false I made another blog,  living in Egypt. that also was taken down with a police warning  saying it will not help your case,  then when I found out corruption was in the making and read some of the police statements,   they had written what they thought not what I said happened on 3 accounts,  one even said I was a trouble maker, corrupt court officials  who were hiding papers from the judges,  etc etc,  I made the blog   Justliars.blogspot,  that has been up for 12 months and been added too each time I  went to court.or something happened or what I have found out,  but problem is with a blog its read last first so the blog does not make sense  like the first thing one will read is what the judge said on the last visit or in this case the new grand Mufti of Egypt stepping in and granting me land because he has found out the hotel is due to be demolished,  what would you say mr Tony if I give you your home back. and find out later its going to be knocked down. the blog  nilelife4.blogspot is also going to be revised as to what I know and why a certain thing happened. such as why was a rent contract put in front of a judge to be stamped,  a rent or lease contract is made between the lessor and the owner with two separate lawyers for each party concerned and is automatically bound by Egyptian law,   another point this corrupt court has not listened to. why is there only one lawyer acting for both parties, a criminal offense in itself, according to Egyptian law,
 3 days ago I went again to see the Sheik  Tyeb  and asked  why after 8 months I had not recieved my land papers, , after the meeting I was told that a man called Achmed who is the Grand mufti's personal aid, will sort the problem out, he phoned Mohamed awad  and said he has to come to the court , The grand mufti's home)
to sign papers to give  me my land . and yet again  the liar says he is in Cairo and will come with his lawyer in three days to sign, the liar was in his home because, I spoke to Allan Jones who acted as my translator . the sheik is a french speaker and Allan is also a french speaker,  and he said while on the way to the meeting  he had just spoken to Mohamed about putting a light in his room.  one hour later Mohamed   said he was in Cairo. and its not the first time he has lied to the sheik, its all about playing for time time to talk to the lawyer on what to say and do in the event of me wanting other than what has been discussed before, they have a simple mind, one thing at a time, one reason being they tell so many lies, if you want to be a liar you have to have a very smart mind and remember all the lies you have said in the past, truth comes naturally. but not to the Egyptian.  the lawyer is also playing for time  on the 19th I have the case for the forged papers,  if I go to court armed with a document that says I have been given the land by order of the grand mufti. this will automatically put me in the right.  If the rent contract is not false  why has he signed the land over , and why has the sheik ordered he give me the land instead of  the  property,  one thing I have found out with these people they only go by black and white, only believe whats in front of their noses whether its a lie or not,
 they also will not loose face,   I will phone you Mr Tony  was the last thing Achmed said as I took his contact number!  three days has gone and still no paper, as its been all along  I am in wonderland  I wonder  when I will get the papers, or is it just another lie to keep the Welshman quiet, and maybe the Welshman will get a heart attack.
 its strange  that I do not get one comment  from  most days 450  people in Egypt come back to this site  some I know are police informers or security ,  keeping a watch on my site if i wrote one lie in my blog. they will comment as  did one guy who owns a travel business,he was worried I hit his pocket, as that's all they think about money!  worried that people will read what the travel companies scams are,

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