Sunday, June 27, 2010

liars thieves and beggars, and a donkey

One of the workers never complains  or turns on its cruel masters. across the street there is plenty of shade and water pipes to tie the beast up. but here it is in 48c and heat of the full sun while its master is in the shade having a siesta
\\ blogged a few days ago on scales so I thought I would show the scales they have in Egypt  all the shops etc have these scales. Different in Cairo and the supermarkets  but they have not arrived in Luxor yet, where I am sure they will one day and will have electronic scales and tills .
Hard to imagine  electronic gadgets on the back of a donkey cart unless its for the scrap heap  as most of the junk that is for sale here from China ends up  on a donkey cart,
Glass shards that should be in the rubbish pile end up as  another deterrent for the would be thief of which every body will have as a neighbour,
This nice young Lady!!!! followed me for a few hundred yards with a barrage of insults  that started when she asked me for money , it ended as I got on a microbus,  with fuck off english. then asked if I will give her 1  euro for taking her photo?/
  What has this man got to do with donkeys  ,  well he is a Lawyer (liar) one of 1500 here in Luxor that Litter the 8 courtrooms and wherever they can park their fat lazy arses.  this particullar one is the Lawyer for the guy who says I used a knife to attack him.    the donkey!!  I here you ask,
  well these are the guys who tell the Donkeys what to do.  Ie Judge mohamed masoud  and Judge Shaddy 

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