Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Policing in Egypt.

 I feel very sorry for the police here in Egypt  all this hard work they have to do not to mention  looking and trying to solve the big problem they have with contraband  and the widespread use of drugs. like looking for a needle in a haystack I should imagine,   they can fool some of the people sometimes but not all the people all of the time.
No such thing as fallen off the back of a lorry here,  fallen from a donkey cart as these cigarettes may have done is more like . there is a lot of contraband in Luxor at the moment the police have been raiding the tourist markets confiscating brands such as nike  dolc and cabana , they will most likely find there way again on to the market, knowing how corrupt the country is.
They run about like headless chickens in

the market area here in the street behind my flat,  I know when the police raid is on,   there is a lot of noise and stall holders taking the goods from the street back into the shop  those who have no shop  take the  goods into a back alley  out of view of the police  search team,
once the police have gone,  back comes the stall holder and hangs his stuff up. all the cops have to do is look behind them. but no not these guys. they have had the orders to search and stop illegal trading so they do what they have been ordered,  not their fault the stall holder is a bit more crafty then the cops.
 they can only find whats in front of their nose, the hops are only licensed to sell within the confines of the shop they rent, no one is supposed to sell or Hang anything in the street, the reason is because  the local  council get no rent from the illegal traders.

 Nile river police men one of the many who sits on the floating boarding platform of the National ferry, boots unlaced as all these police seem to have  ready for taking off when they get a call to prayer, they will sit there all day until its time they need money and go after one of the small craft that take the tourist on a Nile scenic  ride,  easy target  as its the tourist who end up paying the cops bribery money. last time I took a boat ride it cost me an extra 50 because the cops stopped the boat.

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Hmmm must be hard living in that place..