Thursday, October 8, 2009

Luxor Egypt.

6.30 in the morning. I know for most there is no such time. but this time of the year in Egypt we only get 12 hours of daylight so I tend to make the most of it, all these photos have been taken on my everyday walk, out and around Luxor Egypt

Sundown at 17.35 9/10/09

At 19.40

The moon direct above at 6.30 10/10/09

I saw the moon on that is another reason I got the camera out so early
the next shot is sun up from my rear balcony from here I take photos of the farmers and whatever is in view that I fancy taking a photo of.

This shot is taken from my roof sitting area and the front of the building.

This is one of the many sparrows that play on my roof area. I think they think my pegs on the clothes line are dumb sparrows, there is always one trying to teach them to chirp

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Holiday October 6th
Getting ready for a game of footy. now the donkeys have moved to the other end of the Island.

donkeys roam free on this small Island off Luxor

The boys swimming near the local ferry.

Never seen such awkward boats to row

The felucca was in full sail with Thebes mountain in the background
The felucca sail boat has been used on the Nile since God knows how long it was first used to haul goods up and down the nile, A Nile trading boat if you like, but today its mainly used for the tourist industry. an older felucca

Time for a cup of chai by the Nile these are the chairs made from palm date tree branches.
not the most comfy of chairs until they make cushions for them. not only chairs are made from the branches there main use seems to be fruit and veg crates crates to house pigeons and chickens, baby ducks geese etc, to stop the buzzards, falcons or whatever from making a meal of them.

New seating for the coffee shop 12/11/09

The old Mosque to the end of luxor temple just about to be demolished
much of luxor is coming down to make way for the avenue of the sphinx from Luxor to Karnak temples.
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the new mosque replacing the old

another one of the old Mosques due for demolition

A day of mourning and the tent is erected in one of the one way bussy traffic lanes

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Dandylions waiting for the wind to carry the seeds

Cow and calf in the reed beds

This sot was an accident as I slipped on the bank of the reed bed

just after taking this shot of the reed bed the wind was blowing across forming waves to the reed heads. my flat is near the white building
Behind this patch of reeds is the pond where I get most of my drogonfly shots

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Tomatoes and onions on the way to the market

The field having its 15 day inundation.

Berries that grow in the hengerows they taste like sweet grapes.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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