Saturday, October 10, 2009

The sun and moon

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the polluted nile

water bottles used for oil containers discarded in the Nile

This is the little white heron. these are emaciated in oil
and its plumage turning grey

more than half of these boats never leave the moorings but the engine has to run to keep the pumps working to keep them afloat, and they just belch out pollution from the engines exhaust,
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

grapes and roses

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fruit trees

Mango tree

3 banana trees bearing a crop of bananas after they were cut.

Papaya tree with some of the fruit ripe

Lemon tree.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Colourfull life

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Friday, May 22, 2009

matchstick works

today its all go with the concrete after 2 months
of playing with matchsticks to form the shuttering
to the new heretige centre next door,
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The insane and a bit of a moan

This photo was taken in 2007 outside where
once the police station stood, now its been
demolished to make way for the new avenue
of the spinx linking karnak & Luxor Temples.
The car in the photo was crushed by a horse
and cart the horse was drawing almost 5 tons
of paper being delivered to the printing office.
No donkey or horse drawn vehicle here in Egypt
has brakes, not that I have seen anyway.
so this idiot driver decided to pull out in front
of the horse and cart, the car is a rightoff.
and the poor horse had to be put down,
What they said was humainly destroyed,
Nothing human in destoying these animals
because of neglect, most of these idiot drivers
do not have a licence, but if they are stopped
the police get a backhander, nothing is said?

This little guy Turned up and decided to live
in the entrance to our flats, first he was well
dressed and clean, he was fed every day had
tea from the cafe where he sat for most of the
time, he did not even know his name,
every time he saw me it was coca cola,
then when Suzane Mubarak came to visit the
area he was taken off the street by the police,
1 week later he was found on the streets in the
town, and brought back to the cafe, he was a mess
and very nervous, refused to wash & put on clean
clothes, did not even ask for coke, he was here for
about 6 months. the last time I saw him was outside
the money exchange office by the temple,
looking like he had been changing the oil in vehicles
for the past 12 months.
but what can we do if there is no place for them
in this society, they put up with them feed them
and thats it just another animal on the street.

My Neighbours geese had 3 goslings the same
night the rats took them,

Its around 45c and the ladies are forced to
wear black but the guys can wear what colour
they want and at 45c the prefered cool colour
is white,I am not going down that road,
It just gets me some of the other
barbaric traditions they have here,
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A hard life

At least the goats enjoy living in the garbage

Leaving the camel market for a new life.
or maybe the butchers shop

A sheep having a piggyback, on its way back
from the local market in Daraw.

It seems that all they use thier head for is carrying,
these 2 ladies are from the Nubian Village across
the Nile in Daraw and have a 3 kilomitre walk
to the ferry
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Temples and a nice cold beer

2 in the afternoon & not a tourist in sight.
its about 45c today and too hot for even the locals
"whats the saying" mad dogs & Englishmen go
out in the midday sun,
but its the best time for a hassle free ice cold drink.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My website and blog

The birds and the pollution of the Nile is on my and temples + egypt life on my website

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mr Loverly from Asda

Banana Island is a treat to visit there are all kinds of trees
and the wild life is wonderfull, but apart from that ?
mr loverly is an Egyptian and as most of them they think its ok to rip the tourist off. Nice sign saying its an antique shop the only thing antique about it is the building and the dust.
unlike asda there is a no money back guarantee,

these 2 stuffed snakes will fall apart by the
time they are on your mantle piece.

The animal that looks like an oversized ferret
was introduced to egypt to keep the rat population
down in the sugar cane fields, now it is a pest
and kills to survive, chickens ,ducks, geese
even the young of the sheep and goats,
so Mr Loverly (Ahmed Hassan and sons)
have decided to stuff them to sell to the tourist
I have been visiting the island since 2003
and these where here in exactly the same pose
and place. the snakes have been moved recently
to make way for the rack for the beads that have
arrived from china, at least the stuffed animals
are made and stuffed in Egypt.

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eyes in the back of your head

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The ferry boat

The locals ferry to Le garta

Waiting at the landing stage at le garta

Boarding area El gezira east Bank Luxor

A tourist motor boat and boat for the garbage from the
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