Monday, October 26, 2009

Nile cruise

I went to see my lawyer this morning, And traveled the same as usual on the local transport, I had a local Idiot who could speak some English asking why I used the local transport and not the taxi, I asked why did he use the local transport instead of a taxi. it costs money he said, now think about what you say ,I said, ah but you have money, yes I said because I do not use the taxi. He then stopped the microbus to get off, why are you getting off here I asked. I live here , You have a new home then; you used to live in the flat by the shop in my village. ah now i know you, rather than face more questions and loose face he disembarked, I got off the minibus and this guy with the donkey asked if I need a carriage down to the cruise ship. and this was outside the new council office opposite my flat.
I have been here now for almost 2 years. this guy comes to the coffee shop almost every day.
It just goes to show the mentality of these idiots . they do not notice anything around them every one and everything is a means of making money. or making hassle
this donkey boy also has 2 mobile phones?
sometimes the hassle gets a bit too much and I have to let off steam on here.

Shortly after I took the first photo I saw the falcon flying around and it landed in a tree as I was taking a photo this fool came behind me . why you taking photo of my land.
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Oh so sorry I said. what are you hiding in it I asked.
I am animal doctor he said:
I am a psychiatrist; I said :
looking very puzzled he asked what is that;
I said a head doctor,
he laughed and asked head of what; his english was quite good knowing words he needed to know, rather than go into A heated discussion that would have angered me, and made the idiot happy. I thought , another day another liar, ah! well another time to walk away.
As I was heading home there was A farmer in the field getting ready to water his cabbage patch. he could not speak one word of English apart from Hello bakshheesh, He is one of these people who either forgets he sees me every day, or thinks that one day I may give him some money. and I think the latter,
I asked him in my little Arabic, why you work for the doctor. It took me a long time to get him to understand what I was saying, and the reason was because the doctor is not a doctor neither is it his land.
So you see I was not far off when I said I am A shrink, they all have some deformity if its not the begging hand its a few lies in English ending up with, I need. It gets a bit monotonous when it happens everyday, the one thing that really gets to them is why do I need to take photos, a hobby to them is playing dominoes , smoking sisha all evening with male friends, or making hassle, they seem to have arguments with each other that seem heated at times but then they will always kiss each other afterwards,
When I show them my photos they argue that these are not taken in Egypt, why , because they do not take the time to see what is around them, they also cannot understand how I can make a fly look like its 6ft tall. It puzzles me how and when did they loose the skill to build such magnificent monuments as the pyramids, tombs & Temples. all they see them as now is a means of making money and arguing over the price to get us too see them.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that journey to the other side of the Mediterranian Sea and for the introduction of life over there.

A wonderful week for you.