Friday, October 30, 2009

the new extension

O k now what can I say about my neighbor.
lets start on the positive side,
his new extension. He is building a new farm on his roof to house
his chickens goats and geese he has also purchased some pigeon chicks ,
the construction is made from wood that has been taken from the fire next door to him,
some say he started this fire.
because the council are and have
got plans to build a new parking area for the new Heritage center.
and all these houses are coming down. not sure if the house my
flat is in will also come down. ( its a good job I rent)

Its all finished and the animals are all caged up. chickens in the wire cage
geese and goats in the pen.

Matchstick men building after the fire.

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The hooded crow knows where to get its water from

The sunset 30/10/09

The donkey can not lie down its tether is too short. but if it got really fed up it could just pull the water pipe out, as its a plastic pipe.

Sundown 28/10/09

Had a real bad day I overdid the walk trying to get
a good photo of the elusive Falcon , 23.30 It eased,
so all the photos I got was my little palls the sparrows and another
beautiful sunset. I am so lucky to have this flat with all the views I have from it.

Panoramic view to the Mountains of Thebes from the front of my Flat.
Thebes is the home for. Our more well known Pharaohs

Next doors roof farm, the hens look a bit moulted Compared to the cockerel.

More pipes being delivered for the canal work.

After chasing the falcon half way around Luxor yesterday. Today it came to
perch on one of the new build houses across the way,
maybe it wants me to follow again.

Sunset 17.20 29/10/09


17. 35

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jeannette stgermain said...

Oh my, is this the new extension for your house? We did an extensive remodel to our house, and it took my husband 10 years!
And 2 years without a kitchen, LOL

Tony nile life said...

My neighbor doesn't even know what a kitchen is.
never mind build one,

Anonymous said...

much food for thoughts, maybe time to shrink life to its real size, which hopefully will be long enough to get some water...thoughts, thoughts at ten to three in the morning.

A wonderful weekend for you.

Anonymous said...

Wau...Your neighbour really wierd..i never heard people do farming on the roof..

Tony nile life said...
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Tony nile life said...

It seems they all are weird, all they think aout is money, the guy is building hoping to get more money from the council when they take his house down. most people keep chickens and animals on the roof, even in Cairo.