Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sparrows that get spoilt

I have a bad back again after overloading my back with an overdue shopping. all in kilos to us oldies thats 2.2 lbs I think.
5k spuds, 2k toms, 2k onions, 1k oborgine. that alone is over the limit for me to carry, so my doctor says 5 kilo maximum but Mr Muscles here forgets about his three slipped discs when feeling fine and no arthritis .
Then there was the other bits on the other hand, meat assorted, 5k, and seeing my wife is or can not come for xmas due to a turn in her mums health. I bought some assorted fruit and sweeties. after all it is xmas and something I have always celebrated, due to the lack of my usual spirit. IE Glenfiddich 18 Year old, I cannot see me getting inebriated for the first time since I can remember. or is that I do not remember,
and unable to go for my usual walk and birdwatching. no must cancel the last remark I have fed the sparrows and watched them eating the oats. 12 this morning if it carries on like this I will have to get a sack of corn too feed them.
bit pricey tins here just to feed the birds, a bit spoilt are these House sparrows ,Passer domesticus. if thats the name they first gave them why not domestic sparrows.

Today I have emptied the fly zapper trays and mixed it with the oats. they love this, oats and dried meat (flies) gives them a varied diet that they are used to.

This is the unafraid one she has dropped pieces of the straw roof canopy she is making or trying to make a nest in the lecy box the so called electricians left open after they used it .

and yes I have made sure its safe no bare wires incase she gets zapped like her food.

I love watching these birds they have so much character and who was the idiot who said they have no brains, if you can work something out like my food bowl is missing you have a brain.
yes or no? I say yes, some one told me he read some scientists report on goldfish, they only have a 15 second memory. now how stupid is that, how do they know what food is or what a fly is. ok they may not distinguish between a fly and a flyhook. but they know when something is overhead ready to devour them . soon as I heard this story I could imagine the fish in the fish bowl swimming about , ooh where am I never seen that before.
bit like some Egyptians I meet, 15 second memory

She is a bit miffed because I have had to clean the feeding pot

The straw canopy is a nesting haven for the Sparrows and there are two pairs of Turtle doves that make a nest here.

This morning I moved the feeding pot to clean, incase the rats get a smell of it.

They know the dish is missing. where has that man moved our food too.

Its ok the food is back

The donkeys waiting for the farmers to finish watering the land.

My neighbors roofs and the farmers working on the field

Its rather hazy today this is the view to the front of my flat pretty awesome eh!
if you have time you can read up on this area called thebes

My next door neighbours roof definitely a fire hazard.

Then my other neighbor has made a good fire with an acrid smell of burning plastic.when i shouted down to put the fire out he said there was snakes around so need a fire Mr Tony,
never mind giving the snakes a smoke, you are killing me, with that smell. ok I wait for the fire finish, As I say there is more sense in the donkeys than these people,

one of the reasons I had a bad back this morning! carrying this lot.
19. 30 now . the smoke and pain has gone after taking piraton I know they are for hay fever but they are great sleeping tablets. I took it while working on the computer this morning I had finished all the writing for this post. but did not publish after uploading the last pictures and I switched the computer off in my drowsy state and flopped on the bed only to wake up 18.30. and find half the posts writing had vanished . never mind all done again . until tomorrow not sure what I will blog, I have some bird photos from yesterdays sighting already to go on the egyptwildlife2 blog
and will be taking all the pollution blogs off. that will only be on my website


Anonymous said...

Like to see those birds..

jeannette stgermain said...

Yeah, it takes a while for our brain to remember what our body can't do anymore! The pic with the 3 birds on the flower branch is so cute! You must love birds a lot, preparing them special food!

Elisabeth said...

What a wonderful tale - the story of your shopping, such a load, your bad back and absent wife, a lonely Christmas and then those wonderful animals: the donkeys the sparrows, dead flies and rats.

Your pictures are so evocative.

What a country, this Egypt. What a person, this Tony. Thank you.