Thursday, December 10, 2009

Egypt its not all bad?

The simple life for simple people. thats the way I see life here in the Nile valley,
Best to send the children out to beg off the tourist, we can feed the donkey and the father can ride about so the unsuspecting tourist can take a photo for money, and the mother can sit on the doorstep of her hovel and ask the tourist if they need a cup of tea, if that does not work send the grubby kids out and ask them for money, one of my followers said" surely they have got used to me being around" . Does not work that way, they work on surely one day he will give us money , If we do not ask we do not get. get the money from the tourist before someone else does, and thats the way it is here in the largest tourist attraction in the world. from my experience of Egypt what I am saying does not apply to people from villages outside of the main tourist attractions or where the tourists do not go.

The only true friends here are the animals. even if its only to eat the flies on the droppings. every week here in Luxor the courts have to deal with over 300 court cases of people trying to con each other out of land, Fighting, thieving is a very popular pastime. they have a great excuse like, I really needed it because I am so poor, not forgetting what the Quoran says , do not go to bed and leave your neighbor hungry, another great saying they have is when they do a bad job: only Allah is perfect: no answer to that is there!

I am here and this is where I like to be with or without its simpletons.
Best way unless I am shopping is not to take money out then I am not lying when I say ; no money; at one stage I would not go out, only if I phoned a taxi up to go shopping. no life I thought then I started putting on weight . sitting by the computer just writing my life stories. until I said thats it got to get out and go for a daily walk. at first this is one year ago every bugger I saw had his hand out for money some I know had plenty , much more than me, then I learned the Arabic for; I too need money, have have you a kind heart so I can buy some coffee and a sisha. (bubble pipe) should have seen the looks they gave me. some would get aggressive. just what I needed an excuse to punch one of them. but that would get me in real bother with the police. not allowed to hit these pricks, and they know it. why do you think this court has so many cases.
Luxor has a population of about 1/2 a million, this court has 8 prosecution Judges all with their own rooms. 8 Main court rooms each has 3 residing judges. and over 1500 lawyers or liars.
and some poor bugger has to pay for them and they wonder why the system is so corrupt.

Any way back to the animals.

Hmm, seen one of these before. problem is its not a real Kawasaki. these guys do not read English. KEWESEKI.
and the owner brags he has a Kawasaki. another one been ripped off. will not know any difference until it breaks down and tries to claim under the warranty. the Motorbike sales will have moved on to the next lot of imported rubbish claiming they stopped selling this model because it was not a real kawasaki . the buyer in turn says nothing because He can not loose face. that he has been conned. this is Egypt no point in going to the police unless you have money.
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Time for school, these kids walk to school its only 500 yards. but maybe this kind man will give us money to go on the bus.
See the traffic sign? these drivers actually think this means a red car cannot pass a black one on this road. (I have actually asked A few drivers) its also the only sign remaining within a radius of 3 kilometer they've all been vandalized. the only reason this one is still in the ground there is 24 hour coffee shop next to it.

On yer bonce. family shopping outing

Whats that coloured Egret this is A?? please give me the name of this plant

Where the hell has he gone now.? A young boy who was driving this cart jumped it while moving, most likely saw something of value like a nut that has vibrated loose off a passing lorry and fallen on the road. then the donkey got too close to the curb and got its cart wheel stuck. on the young boys return to the cart he was very angry with the donkey for getting to close to the curb. and started beating the donkey to go forward. thats it I thought! took the whip off the boy, pushed the donkey in reverse to get it off the curb, and off he went on his merry way down the road, the whip was a piece of wood with a broken rubber fan belt tied to it. this is a nasty thing to use on any animal and must sting on impact. mostly the donkey has already tasted this and moves at the slightest movement of the whip. here in Luxor we have two animal hospitals. that are supported by genorous people funding them. they have real nice vehicles and yes they do look after the animals that have been taken in after been thrashed half to death. but they do nothing about the beating of the animals. this incident was not the first time I have taken a whip off these simpletons. I will not call them anything else. the donkeys have more brains then their owners.

Freinds but only while there are flies about.

Mr Mohamed the son of the owner of banana Island having a heated discussion with his neigbor over the corrupt council official Dr Samir Fawak, giving his land to Gamal Mubarak to open a nursery for plants, its what you call pulling the wool over the already blind local people.

Ok where is my money for the photo look at his face how cross he is, then he gave some verbal abuse,

No matter where there is someone working with the land the Cattle egret and crows will be there.

Even the calves get an intake of the abundant cabbage that is lying to rot.

Shoe shine boy not that my shoes need cleaning when I am just going out to the mud flats.

The new fruit and veg man do not know what happened to the last one maybe his customers had enough of his poor quality stuff.


Betty said...

I just found your blog through OleBob site.
I love Egypt. I 've been to Cairo an Giza many times.
Have a nice weekend!

P.S. I'm follwing:)

Elisabeth said...

It sounds like a tough life there in Egypt for everyone, you includsine.

Why are you there? Perhaps you've already told us in an earlier blog. I'll scroll back in case.

ADRIAN said...

Can't believe they haven't yet started a Christmas scam Tony. The small inconvenience of their not being Christian surely doesn't stop them

George said...

Having read quite a few of your posts you seem to have a very caustic view of Egypt, why bother to stay?