Saturday, December 26, 2009

Village Life.

This  engine looks like its seen a few people across the Nile. its given good service to the locals now its time to give  the engine a good service  it may stop the oil leaking into the Nile  adding to its already polluted water.

The first house I passed in this village had goats looks like this is the place the locals dump the garbage,
good fodder for the goats, I think they use them because the Muslim are not allowed to keep pigs.

This dongola seems to have a new owner and is changing it into a house boat  with all the work being done before the Nile rises, this will save on labour, once the Nile has risen it will take all the rubbish down stream.
no one cares if the government  are allowed to pollute the Nile why no everyone else.

 The Jetty is for the Pipes to pump the water from the Nile into the canal for land irrigation.
 the Nile is at its lowest normally its above halfway up the jetty stanchions.

 coming up the bank from the Nile I found myself facing some angry geese, after a few seconds pause they calmed down and  I was on my way again

The water buffalo  had a very nice flowery shade

It was covered in Morning glory, 


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Elisabeth said...

Village life has its travails, it seems. But it's full of fascinating sights.