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Life in Egypt

I have put this as a first picture. because every time I see
these buses it makes me smile, not because I like to see new buses
but the Writing on the back. as we go through today's photos ,even past photos you will
understand why it puts a smile on my face,

Road side farm.

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1 days Sugar cane pulp.

sugar cane drink (assur)
the raw cane is put through rollers to extract the sugar
this comes out a greenish color and the customer drinks it
on the premises. they will not sell it like all the other fresh juices.( by the liter to take home.)
mango. guava or whatever fresh fruit is in season, because as soon as its extracted it starts to ferment and goes a dark colour. you may think its very sweet being raw sugar,but its quite pleasant in taste. I tried it once . can not see the point in drinking raw sugar .even if it is cheap.2egp per 1/2 liter glass, here in Egypt 20% of the population are diabetic. they love sweet food stuffs, especially in the month of Ramadan.

Fresh milk delivery.

Guavas are in season and make nice assur 2 kilo 4 egp makes about 4 liter of assur
I make my own. they make great ice lollies. as does most of the fresh fruit drinks.

Chicken. killed and cooked on the same day. some insist on seeing the chicken killed Halal,
then its grilled ready to be picked up later. take away one whole chicken and salad is 30egp
most of the frozen chicken in the shops is 35egp and brought in from Malaysia.

Most of the Egyptians eat this stuff offal. yuck. I did try it to see why so many of them eat it , it was,yuck, don't want to try that foreign muck again.even looking at it makes me feel sick.

fresh fruit and veg is always on the market.

Little and large, new to the shops are the crisps. new to Nile pollution is the empty crisp packets

This one is typical of the 30 or so shops I counted on the main bus run.
the large bag is 3egp. the small all varieties are 50piestas. most have a max of six pieces.
not counted how many in the large bag, but on calculation 36.
thats less the the different varieties they have on sale in this shop.

These hammers are taking over from the donkey in local transportation , and about time too.
They can thrash the crap out of it. see how long it lasts.

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This is about the smallest super market ever. all the food shops are super markets.

The tailors row of Luxor. 12 tailor shops.

never seen any of the girls out in this kind of dress. so it must be
a home wear shop, the first place I have seen that advertises the truth.

Tools of the building trade can be purchased on this street.

cib adverts on all the street signs a cheap way to advertize

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the workshop of the guy who makes the date tree furniture and crates.

the warehouse of the electric gadget supermarket.
as seen through a 4" hole one of several in the wall.

The trusty little friend the donkey.

there is a gang of youths going around this particular area
who have a thing against road signs. from here the middle of tv street to to the new bridge
the signs have been vandalized.

now we have schools experimenting in Language.

Maybe they are first experimenting with The presidents name
or maybe primary mixed can not cope with a long word Like Mobarek. eeh
then there is the next experiment in round sign language. spot the difference.
maybe they have built this mixed school in the wring district.
Heliopolis last time I looked on the map was a suburb of Cairo, and one of the first main towns in the 18th dynasty. ah well it must have been moved to Luxor.
both these schools are adjacent to each other. and across the main road tv street. lies (or is that stands) the new hospital.

The newly opened hospital opened by Mrs Mobarek in 2008
Maybe when she cut the ribbon the facade fell down. and the
have not got around to fixing it yet, what with all the building
thats going on around the new look Luxor City. gates will be opened at 20.00
ambulances with emergencies around the back please.

Next to the hospital is a restaurant the 9 x12 room as you can see is air conditioned in case you have a family the freezer will be moved if you go there. or you may use it as a table.

Please do not ask. and yes its not unusual to have such a large family.
or they may have goats.

never tried this it could be something to do with the experimental school. mental being the main word.

do you now where you are now

first I heard about M & S opening a branch here it could be another experiment to see if they get sued. anything goes here including all the rubbish from China that's sold as Dolce& Gabana etc

another that needs to go to the barbers.

Quality homes for sale all are fully air conditioned,
on the main road so no garden maintenance. well down off the road so passing tour buses can not see in .
close to all amenities as listed in the last photos.
no window cleaning necessary.

and a block for the small people. ideal area for a supermarket
and close to all amenities . with balconies to each end flats.

There are over 1000 apartments in this block alone
only the first building has been occupied. the land to the front
has planning on land measuring 1 kilometer x 1 kilometer'

so all the view will be lost these already occupied are already trying to sell
they bought as open views to the Thebes mountain and the Nile.
Quality lies is our culture.

This is the guy who wanted 3 euro for taking a photo of the vacant land.
notice the hand. they all seem to have this deformity. shame really

Odd one out  which photo is it.
(1) A Buffalo pat in the road.   Its what flies eat its also used to fertilize the land.          you ever see one as good as this  it looks like a locals headdress.    more like a Turk's

(2)A group of Egyptian  (Male)  waiting to see if the foreigner ( walking ATM)has some spare cash that he is willing to give away. they were not there when I passed 5 minutes ago this lane only goes to the Nile  so they knew I was coming back,

(3) The farmyard cock  for those of you who think its a phallus.  its a male chicken Cockerel.  and its a great sunup alarm.

(4)  A front door .   This is a dwelling the walls are made of reed and mud. so are about as strong as a tissue paper.  The frame of the door is about 3 ft in the ground  just in case some one tries to break down the door.
It also has a lock  (made in China) that any key will open , on the inside it has a wooden slip bolt to make sure no one will disturb them in the dark hours.  its the life.

The answer is 2  all the rest have some value.

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James said...

Egypt seems like a very interesting place. I can't imagine living there although the climate would probably be good for my back problems. It's nice to be able to see far away exotic places like this.
Thanks for showing your photos.

On my blog where you saying that you had a house in Newtown? If so It could be one of many Newtowns in the UK and USA. My Newtown is in Pennsylvania.

Lastly if M & S opens a store in Luxor I want to see pictures. :)