Monday, December 14, 2009

Early in Luxor

Me and my shadow early morning sun casting a shadow the wall is pastel green.

I see my roof farmer neighbor has added to his collection now he has 8 pigeons who prefer to come on my roof because I feed the sparrows corn, 1 gander 2 geese 3 goslings, 20 hens 2 cockerels. 1 billy and 1 nanny goat, 1 dog, 5 kids children that is, I have included them with the roof farm because they act more like animals than what the animals do. at least the geese clean themselves when they get water,

One of his pigeons coming in to land on my roof sorry no food today I will have to make a bird feeder. will go see what the builders merchant has in mesh to make one,

no its not a space rocket taking off.

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ADRIAN said...

bet it's a touch busy on that roof.

Richard King said...

Nice blog site. I must visit Egypt soon!

Debbie said...

That does sound like a popular roof.

jeannette stgermain said...

Sounds like you're the neighborhood block father of the animals!