Friday, December 4, 2009

Banana island

Banana island today is no longer an Island it stopped being an Island a few years ago when they decided to fill in the land to make a road to the then crocodile Island. that is still an island and is now called Kings Island sounds posher doesn't it. well jolly ville movenpic thought so.
and now the near end the reed beds have been filled in and the land given to Gamal Mubarak to build houses on. his father passes a law on nile land and the son breaks it, thats what happens when we are in a corrupt country,

Recently acquired Bead's made in China the only thing real here is the dust and hassle.
as is all the other rubbish sold here

Banana Island is a treat to visit there are all kinds of trees
and the wild life is wonderful, but apart from that ?
mr loverly is an Egyptian and as most of them they think its ok to rip the tourist off. Nice sign saying its an antique shop the only thing antique about it is the building and the dust.
unlike asda there is a no money back guarantee,

these 2 stuffed snakes will fall apart by the
time they are on your mantle piece.

The animal that looks like an oversized ferret
was introduced to egypt to keep the rat population
down in the sugar cane fields, now it is a pest
and kills to survive, chickens ,ducks, geese
even the young of the sheep and goats,
so Mr Loverly (Ahmed Hassan and sons)
have decided to stuff them to sell to the tourist
I have been visiting the island since 2003
and these where here in exactly the same pose
and place. the snakes have been moved recently
to make way for the rack for the beads that have
arrived from china, at least the stuffed animals
are made and stuffed in Egypt.

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