Friday, December 25, 2009

Scarry bits

No ! animals and wildlife do not scare me treat them with respect there is no need to be afraid.

This is what scares me , Idiots who go rowing through shipping lanes for no apparent reason but to make the time I was with him longer. Then we had one hell of a row over the price, and thats the end of seeing the birds with him. even the wash from the cruise ship could have capsized this little fishing boat,
These old Chimneys I was told at one time were brick works,    at the time I pulled The Guy up telling him mud bricks do not get fired. and I was right they were built in the 1850s as boiler houses for the steam beam Engines that pumped water from the Nile to the canals for Irrigation of the land,
I hope to be able to have a look around one of them in the next couple of days, just to make sure I havn't been told another lie.

Now this is something I have never seen before,   If there is no tap water in the kitchen take the kitchen to the water.

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Elisabeth said...

Funny, I dreamed of a lizard last night and there then there's one in your photo this morning. Lizards are such delightful and harmless creatures after all, unlike your companion as you say, who gets too pushy by half in wanting to show more that he fails to appreciate the subtleties.

Thanks for more wonderful snap shots of life in Egypt.