Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quena. a treat

This shop off the High Street in Quena I was told is very famous for its Egyptian equivalent to Turkish Delight, Not the place an ordinary tourist would visit to buy sweets, this is a child's dream come true even grown ups who like Turkish delight, this is the width of the shop sales area. it was most likely the passageway to the rear where the factory proper is. they make all kinds of sweet things for the fairs and days of festivals especially the month of Ramadan where the Egyptians feast themselves on sweet things after breakfast meal. sending the Sugar diabetes up 20% each year, the shop front has a display and price of all its produce, something Not seen in the city of luxor. Reason is !! no tourist roams around Quena Shopping,

Standing room for one buyer only no digitalism here, two weights only 1 and 1 half kilo.
then I suppose they sell by the box the fresh Delight is under the white cloth, we have a lot of customers and only the fresh fresh sweet is sold in the shop all the rest is sold wholesale as I was informed by asking a rude question, like how old are the sweets.

Whala" a whole range of the sweet objects these or shall I say at one time where my wife's favourite sweet and only the red variety can be bought in the UK all wrapped up like a mars bar and over the past few years have been coated in milk and dark chocolate.
none of that here its too warm here and all you would end up with is a delight on a melted chocolate.
Can I have eight pieces of the green coloured one I asked. silly ole me,

look what I got 1 1/2 kilo he went to the back of the shop to the factory and got the biggest pieces he could find, what I should have said is 1/2 kilo please and even a 1/4 would have been suffice for me as I try and keep away from sweets and the like, but here we are with 1-1/2 kilo of green Turkish delight in my fridge waiting for my Wife's arrival from the UK.
After cutting it up to have a piece of green Turkish delight I find its not green at all must have been a trick of the light in the shop and only the icing sugar has a green tint when on the sweet.
The tea spoon is to give you some Idea of the size he chose for me.

The nut shop another one of the Egyptians favourite and another reason why Egypt's streets look so dirty. just walk around spitting out the husk or the nut shells.

Here in Quena the streets and the shops I entered were nice and clean, I get no hassle not even from the beggars in the street. its like being in a different country and yet we are only 45 kilometers from hassle city Luxor.


ruma2008 said...

Thank you for showing an interesting view.


ADRIAN said...

Looks like you had a busy day. Looks like a good one too. This is the middle east I could just about tolerate. Thought of moving?