Friday, December 11, 2009

Doing the rounds

I know you like a little bit of a story .
Nothing really to say about the donkey. its just tied up and that's where it will stay until its time for going home. you can have your own thoughts on it. if you are a follower you know my feelings on the way they treat the animals, mind you the farmers treat them OK, and they always kook healthy and well fed.

A new banana plantation sprung up last night come to think on it, I did see a trailer full of saplings ( I think that's what you call them) a few days ago being delivered to this place.
It will be 1 year before they get any bananas. hence the maze crop first.

The little bee eater. keeping a watchful eye for any passing bees. that's the flying type!
The pied wagtail perched on a sapling wondering why the field is wet

A load of fodder for the donkey.s dinner.

The reed beds are going brown due to lack of water. see why on the Nile pollution page.
The squatter has planted his piece of land . not to worry will not be long before he is thrown off when the new owner takes over this land called banana island.

See my little Friend has a new whipping stick.

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Bob Bushell said...

Hi Tony, that is a nice story.

Elisabeth said...

Those whipping sticks are a bother, cruel and inhumane. I can see why you would want to 'confiscate' them, confiscate them like the nuns did when I was a child at school.

The nuns confiscated all unacceptable objects, usually held by boys for the purpose of terrorizing each other or more likely for terrorizing the girls.

Cruelty to animals, or at least the apparent gross acceptance of it must be cultural to some extent and presumably born of desperation.

But only a few weeks ago here in so-called civilized Australia I heard a report that the racing foundation had finally agreed to stop steeple chases.

I gather something like eight horses have died as a consequence of this sport over the past year. It's the same every year, I gather and only now have they finally realised it's inhumane.

It takes us a long time to learn.

I Wonder Wye said...

I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog 'cause of the name, or I would not have found yours and it's fascinating. I am off to read more posts....

I love Egypt said...

I find your blog offensive.

Why are you in Egypt if the only thing you want to do is criticize the place? Yes Egypt is a developing country ruled by a dictator in the guise of a democracy. And yes it has it's challenges. But what are you doing to help the people? At least Egypt is not blowing Iraq and Afghanistan to bits the way the west is.

I have been to Egypt 13 times and had the good luck to marry into a middle class Moslem Egyptian family. Over the past 17 years they have taught me many lessons and have offered me nothing but unconditional love.