Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kings island,

I was up at 5.30 in time to go and see what wildlife was about near Crocodile Island.
I am so pleased I did not miss this days sun up. it's a 2 kilometer walk and all the way I just kept stopping to watch the sunrise. once I got to the turn off to the island a place where I often go on my walks, Kings Island is Crocodile Island it has been renamed by the new owners, Movenpick hotel group, because the tourists where put off by the name Crocodile island. Hasn't been any croc's on the island for over 70 years only one in a tank and the last one was 2 years ago. the Island is a good place to bird watch over 70 species of birds have been recorded on one day. so I am told? and we know what liars these Egyptians are to attract the tourist. but there are quite a few species here and what is here I enjoy photographing and watching most of my photos of the birds have been taken near and around this area. and photos do not lie , I think they recorded over a twelve month period.

I stopped by the pond to take photos

with the sun up to my back Then to the sun see more on todays sky

The vehicle checkpoint to the Island. all they say is , (saba cha cher)good morning Mr Tony. and I answer saba cha noor, some too you.

The guard dog on the farmers dwelling, This is the place kind of place tour guides , taxi and carriage drivers will bring the tourist to show how poor they are. Look I am so poor i need usually its a mobile phone or a television. but some get really conned into giving money to build etc. and most end up in a court case. then the kind hearted giver will find its too much trouble and will cost more than what he has given to get his money back. and that is what they play on.
The farmer who owns this property looks like he hasn't two pence to rub together. he has a block of flats in Dhabea. a village about 1 kilometer from here. the photo shows him arriving with his wife and son. Makes the day worth it If they manage to catch a tourist. all he farms is no bigger than an allotment 60 x15 meters and grows food for his donkey and a small veg patch. first day I went to this area he bounded over to me come for tea You need breakfast in my home. told him where to go in no uncertain terms. and they do not bather anymore I think the transport security guys told them I live here.

Then there is his neighbor his place is not as bad but stinks of human excriment,
there is no toilet or bathroom in these places. no problem there as its always been like that but you would think they would go down the field instead of shitting on the doorstep click on the last photo you will see a hand water pump. the water that comes from that is much better the tap water they have here. but thats where they wash and behind the fence is where they do toilet.

The third property here is a bit better not much but better its right on the main road and the front door is about a meter down from the road. hate to think how they clean look at the dust on the fig tree's leaves,

What a lovely place to live right by the Nile. and its the way they like it no cleaning no electric they are just as cool in summer as winter windows let in sun and paint will warm the place up so none of that, mud brick and mud roof also keeps the property cool.

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Heading down to the bridge there are some nice trees that are a canopy to keep the sun off the the passing people and a welcome shade for the donkey.

Casting the fish nets.

The slum area near my flat soon to be moved. I know the whole area looks like a slum. do not be fooled by the outside appearance of these concrete and brick buildings these people have money. and the inside is quite nice over the top they like anything that shines & glitters so put
lots of gold paint on the furniture etc.

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The lane through the village this is where the supermarket is the supermarket is approximately 4 x 3 meters. don't ask but all shops that sell food are supermarkets.

The people who own this small farm to the end of the lane Have had there land stolen by the council part of the 25 fadan gift to The presidents son Gamal. speaking of the President he is coming to luxor tomorrow and every roof on route has a policeman on it including mine he will be here until the president has left Luxor. so security is going to be tight around here for the next 30 hours, I will try and sneak a few photos of the convoy passing.

The path that leads to the rear of our property, the pile of bricks are for the new cultural center half of the load disappeared last night. ooh! I wonder who took them.

The lane with new Cultural center and houses from my flat

When I got back from my very early morning walk these two police where outside my home.
nothing to do with Mobarek, just change of shift on one of the cruise boats entrances.
I saw this quite funny notice the tag on the machine gun. the label says its a gun and the property of the police. I suppose in case he mislays it, but thats the mentality here if its stollen the thief can not say he did not know its a gun.

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ADRIAN said...

Tony, some good some bad. They make me smile but then I don't have to put up with them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and nice shots..