Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nile cruise,

One of my followers wrote on the Nile pollution.
Not only the pollution you showed, but there were several dead cows drifting in the water, when we were sailing on the Nile. We tried to be as careful with water as possible, but we got terribly ill in spite of this.
Your post is very interesting!
Nice to see the Nile cruiser. even though they pollute the nile
and over 80% of the tourists on board get a tummy problem from drinking polluted Nile water that in one form or another they have an intake of, all washing and cleaning is done by water pumped direct from the Nile no filtration units on board these vessels see , my blog on Nile pollution

Nice to see The fish feeding plant next to the cruisers on the Nile.
as I was walking along the cornish (thats the promenade) I had this lovely aroma of a rotting carcass coming from the Nile, In the restaurant not 20ft away there was quite a few tourists most likely from one of the cruise ships waiting to go on a trip on the Nile. in this photo taken at 14.30 29/11/09 there are two rotting sheep carcasses the pale coloured one as you can see is bloated and most of the wool has gone this means the carcass has been in the water for more than one week. and is stinking, black sheep looks as if its not long been in there. and these local people wonder why they are ill all the time, all the water they drink is from the Nile, OK it goes through a purifying plant before it comes out of the tap but all along the Nile and the canals they wash the horses and animals people bathe wash there clothes and clean the pots and pans plates etc. plus what I wrote in the first part about the cruisers. not my problem they say it seems its not the Egyptian governments problem either. ok for me I can afford bottled mineral water the egyptians can not well they are too tight fisted to buy it Nile water is free. for the thirsty.
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Its nice to see they have nearly finished the filling of the reed beds. Now that The son Of Hosni Mubarek has been given 25 fadan of this land to build on. only heard about this on 1/12/09

Nice to see the City Council has a hand in polluting this land
go to the above website. to get the story on Nile pollution
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Nice to see the balloons back after the horrific crash last may.
it was not an accident they were told not to take to the air.

Its nice to see the horses and donkeys make work for the lower class.

I am trying to be positive here so bear with me.
Even the farmers have a nice job cutting food for the donkey.

Now this is a Nice view of the Nile from Banana Island. I mean that. Egypt is a nice country as far as land and its wildlife go. some one said to me the other day its a pity there are Egyptians living here here.

Nice to see Luxor Council is not squandering some of its millions of dollars on petrol for the road cleaners transport.

This is a nice scene water buffalo been cared for by the cattle Egret. in the Nile.

Camels having a rest.

Nice place to have a beer you can read this story on http://mydeserttrip.blogspot.com/

Nice to see Real Egyptian life at El Kharga on the desert trip

this was a first and a pleasant surprise no money. none of the desert checkpoints took money
Only guess where.

Nice to know I do not need to buy my hand made carpets here in Luxor. I can save seven thousand Egp buying from the mill at Beshandi Just outside El khargo see the woolen mill on the desert blog.

A very nice dahabia like this one. 3 German ladies are trying to get their money back from the Egyptian con man. fancy the stuppid Egyptian not thinking that these three would not meet each other one day Luxor West bank is only a small place and an even smaller German community,
Its nice to know the british consulate website has finally put a warning on its website about buying here in Luxor. particularilly the West Bank. Mind you thieves have always lived there, where do they go now they have taken the tomb robbers houses down,

It was real nice to know we were miles away from sin city.
well at least I am being positive about the whole situation.
another update today! And yet another foreigner has been conned on buying a house here,
Its nice to know we are now living in the fourth most corrupt country in the world.


ADRIAN said...

Marathon effort Toy and some pleasant shots hiding amongst the horrors. Don't know how you stand it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Amazing shots..that cruise ship is really huge...