Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nile pollution

This was the scene as I was walking home as luck had it the president had just left the airport and would be arriving in 5 minutes. so I crossed the road and walked along the cornish hoping the convoy would pass so I could get a quick shot of the event the day the president came to town, little did I know what was to follow. . I will call it all the presidents men. nah !! they will only make a film of it.

It was strange not seeing any of the felucca sail boats, just in this area alone there are about 100 boats plus the Nile cruisers sometimes 5 abreast in this area of the photo there could be as many as 50 ships birthed. I savored the moment of being able to walk down the cornish without a taxi driver & Calash driver shouting for business and touts trying to get me to sail on a felucca even if there is no wind they still hassle . no gays asking if I need a banana. it was lovely and wished the president would come every day. looking at the Nile makes me want to Jump in . But I remind myself of what is in it see for yourselves.
This is the Nile as the president will see  He must think no bugger lives in Luxor,
so what a nice place for his son to have land. this moving of boats  carriages ,taxis and touts happens every time he comes here -------------------------- and this is the real Nile with all the boats back in place,

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek arrived in Luxor 2 hours ago its now 17.00.
This day the president came to Luxor He is staying in the Old Winter palace for the night.
I caught these photos as he was entering the Hotel he is the third person on the top of the stairs talking to Egypts vice president Nasif, the guy in uniform is head of the armed forces Hassan Cantaw, no expense spared for his visit the red carpet is laid out as always for its visitors including the common tourist.
this is what the trip advisor says.
Great place to stay in Luxor. Get the lovely gardens & great pool of the Old inter Place without paying top dollar for their rooms.
I do not know who wrote it but I have my own opinion on the over priced sofitel chain hotel.

Looking at the only female in the party she looks like she got up just in time to meet the President . I think she is the hotel manageress or a spokesperson for sofitel chain of hotels. her bag looks big enough to carry a comb.

Never have I seen security like this and yet he stood on the stairs talking to Nasif, I took an open photo shot if him twice. anyone with a high powered telescopic rifle could have picked him
or Nasif off from the west bank, there was no security there, only on the cavalcade route, a police man on every roof including mine he does not come to this part of Luxor until tomorrow.
2004 I stayed in the Winter palace and moved out after one night because of the noise cars honking all night These Big cruise ships playing shuffle all night.
It will be nice to stay in the hotel tonight no cars and buses will pass the front of the building all the boats and Nile cruisers have been moved so no engine noise all night all the Feluccas have gone .
in a few days I will take another photo from the same place when all the boats are back on the moorings. the only boats outside the hotel area are Nile police patrol boats.

The presidents car entering the hotel and his security men in the armored 4x4 chevy.
ah! they are clangers they have metal lids on and waiting for the iron chicken.

This is the end of the cornish getting ready to let the vehicles through.

this is not from Robocop its the lead cavalcade bike, I was talking to the rider I am 5ft 7. and he was a bit smaller than me and as thin as a rake. I asked if he would sell the bike for 1000.
he laughed and rode off only to return in a couple of minutes

I thought he was going to run me over as he returned ahead of the first lot of traffic after opening the road again, he had a big grin on his face as he skidded to a halt about 6" from me I think he was quite put off that I did not jump out of the way for him and had to burn some rubber off the tyres of his brand new bike. once he had got over the shock of this stubborn Welshman. I said you changed your mind then. he Put fingers to his helmet (crazy welshman) and roared off again.
at that point the microbus came and I got on that instead.

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